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  1. phorts

    phorts Well-Known Member

    So, my fiance and I both got the Eris last week, and we both got our contacts transfered from our old phones (hers was LG EnV Touch). We both had existing GMail accounts which were setup by the Verizon techs at the store as well.

    The other day, she started telling me that she was getting this weird message on her phone "Too Many Contact Deletes" or something to that effect. I disregarded it as nothing, and carried on...until tonight.

    She called me freakin out that all her favorite people in her HTC Favorites Widget were gone, including me, and that my number just showed up when i called her, no name, no picture, just number.

    So i had her check her People list and she said they were all still there, except that all their PHONE NUMBERS WERE MISSING.

    I quickly logged into her GMail account to confirm, sure enough, everyone was still there, but all the numbers were gone.

    I did some research and found a little bit on the error message she got originally, but nothing about random deletion of contacts phone numbers..

    I still have her LG EnV Touch here with all her contacts, and am contemplating deleting all of her GMail contacts, all of her Phone contacts and then importing the list into GMail, and syncing with the phone.

    Is that what you would do?
    I'm worried that this will happen again. What is this caused by and how does she prevent this in the future?

    Yet another reason why i dont get the warm fuzzy by having Google manage all my contacts... :|

  2. phorts

    phorts Well-Known Member

    I'm showing in her Gmail acct that there are still some contacts with numbers, but not all, and it's random.

    She does need to cleanup her GMail Contacts because alot are dupes and some are just emails, but that's a matter of personal preference, and shouldnt be the reason that Google just goes ahead and removes numbers.

    All of her Favorite People DEFINTELY are still there and are missing numbers and pictures, along with a few others.

    What the heck happened?
  3. elzzis

    elzzis Member

    it happens when you sync your gmail and your phone together i think. it happened to me before so i just turned it off and re added everyone normally.

    you can turn it off by going to settings > data sync > google > and unchecking contacts
  4. phorts

    phorts Well-Known Member

    Well, she wants to sync her contacts to GMail and vice versa, but i did disable the autosync feature.

    In order to fix this, i had to

    1. Delete ALL of the contacts in GMail
    2. Delete ALL contacts in Phone
    3. Export Contacts from old Phone to .CSV
    4. Import .CSV to Google
    5. Manually Sync to Phone

    Ridonkulous. Hope this doesnt happen again ;)
  5. odaxium

    odaxium Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's a bug with importing contacts into existing gmail accounts, or perhaps the way the VZW techs transferred your old contacts to the Eris. When I switched to my Eris, I used Verizon Backup Manager to export/import and besides having to delete some duplicates that I had from my Yahoo contacts I imported over, I didn't have a problem.
  6. HP2

    HP2 Active Member

    This exact same thing happened to me last week. Luckily, I still had my old phone, so I just brought it to the store and they put the numbers back in.

    I thought I was syncing my phone contacts to the my GMail contacts, but it was the other way around. I totally freaked when everyone in my phone had email addresses instead of phone numbers. I just keep that box unchecked now to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  7. christopher

    christopher Member

    Something similar happened to me. My first Eris synced beautifully with my gmail account. However within a couple days I had to swap my Eris out for a second one & the VZN guy attempted to transfer everything over. It took the guy a long time... When I got home I realized that all my contacts were doubled & *all* my email addresses for my contacts were gone. (Even in my gmail account logged in via PC!) :eek: When I tried to delete the duplicates I encountered the 'too many contacts deleted' message. Not knowing what else to do I deleted all the contacts from my phone, turned my phone off, merged/deleted the duplicates in my gmail account & then powered my phone back on & allowed it to sync with gmail. Now everything is working/syncing fine but I'm having to ask everyone for their email address. Once I have them all (or at least most of them) I'm going to export a copy, just to have a backup.

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