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  1. Dyemond

    Dyemond Member

    OK so I travel a lot for work and I need access to Delta Air Lines - Airline Tickets and Airfare to Worldwide Destinations. They have a 'Mobile' version of their page but there are certain functions that you cannot perform on the mobile version so I generally use the full HTML version of the page. This worked beautifully when I first purchased the phone :D and was one of the main reasons that I went with an Android phone instead of the BB that I been using in the past.

    After having my Droid 2 for 3-4 days and having visited the full page a couple of times I started to get a message that said "Too Many Server Redirects" :confused: and would not display the page any longer. :( I thought it might be something that Delta was doing with their website but this happened for over a week. :eek:

    Then earlier today for reasons unrelated to this error I did a hard reset on my phone and found that after doing so I am again able to access this webpage without error. :)

    Does anybody know why this would be? What caused the problem? If it comes back is there some other way for me to fix this issue? Or will I have to do a hard reset again?


  2. Dyemond

    Dyemond Member


    Wow I must just know how to find every problem that nobody can fix. This is number 2!
  3. joyllceocoocio

    joyllceocoocio New Member

    Actually I'm now having the same problem. This site worked fine for 2 days & then suddenly no longer working. This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

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