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    Here are some of the reasons

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    The 4G is only being released to their top-grossing sales locations. There are a very few of them and unfortunately for me, Chicagoland isn't one of them.

    Those are some annoying issues, but they dont seem to really be discrediting to the phone enough to make me change my mind on the purchase. I talked to a USCC rep about the 4G, and they said that although all current phones pre-4G release will not be 4G compatible, they do plan on releasing a series of phones that are 4G-ready once the location they're selling them in flips on the switch.

    I'm not too bummed about the lack of 4G on the Electrify (although it would make the phone a hell of a lot better) since I primarily use data when I'm at home and on WiFi. Otherwise, I just use 3G for Pandora.

    Have you checked all the settings in the browser options?
    Have you tried recreating the problems in a 3rd party browser? (Dolphin, for example)
    Have you tested the camera in different lightings? (According to other forums, the 8MP camera is supposed to drown out excessive darkness and allow shadowed figures to expose in color on the screen allowing for a better view.)
    Have you tried using a PIN/Password/Pattern locks?
    Have you tried a 3rd party lock? (WidgetLocker, for example)
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    What kind of clam shell case did you modify? I am looking for one so I can fit mine in my car dock. Thanks
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    I spoke with US cellular and they said when the 4G is active the cost of the current data plans cost for Belife plan customers will not change. the price of data will stay the same, so they say.
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