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  1. tamanaco

    tamanaco Well-Known Member

    Is there a tool or a way within Android to select and unlink multiple contacts? I've been syncing my Captivate using Kies for while, but after a Kies software upgrade I had to reload the drivers (using Kies) as the Captivate was not connecting. After the driver reload I was able to sync my contacts, but I ended up with duplicates of all my contacts under the "Unassigned" group. I can not delete these duplicates under this group because they're linked to the duplicate contacts that I had already assigned to specific groups. If I delete any contact in the "Unassigned" group it also deletes the contact I want to keep under its respective group. I have over 1,500 contacts so unlinking one by one is very time consuming and not practical.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Delete everything and sync again.
  3. tamanaco

    tamanaco Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but this isn't practical either. It took quite some time to put all my 1,500 + contacts in groups. As you know, groups do not correlate to categories in Outlook, so I had to put them in groups one by one.

    I figured that a tool to unlink multiple contacts already existed given that Android links the contacts by default and without giving the user the opportunity to change this behavior. It' just turning off/on a flag somewhere in the contacts db. A tool to do it in batch is what's needed. I'll post in the XDA forum to see if I get any hits there.
  4. gilbequick

    gilbequick Well-Known Member

    If you find something out pls let me know.... when I first sync'd my contacts it was horribly annoying that I had 2 or 3 of almost every contact. Took hours to manually fix. From time to time a double will pop up again.
  5. nick300

    nick300 New Member

    First sync your contacts with your Gmail account. Then under 'settings' 'Accounts and sync' select your gmail account and remove it. Disable 'Background data' and 'Auto-sync'.

    Now go to contacts and select 'Groups'. You should ONLY have the 'Not Assigned' visible. If you have other accounts listed, then remove them from the 'Accounts and sync' menu as described above.

    Only after you have the 'Not Assigned' group visible in your contact groups, download and install 'Contact Remover' from the 'market' and remove ALL contacts.

    Verify that there are no more contacts in the device.

    You can manipulate your contacts in your Gmail account and when you are satisfied, go to the 'Accounts and sync' and add the gmail account.

    Enable 'Background data' and 'Auto-sync'.

    Sync, and you are up and running!

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