[TOOLS] GotYa! Identify and locate your thief !

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    See the face and locate who stole your device ! Protect your device against thieves ! Do you want to know who's using your device, stealing it, or just opening it up and snoop around on it? Well, GotYa! is your choice!

    You love your Droid, right? And others might just love it more and try to steal it or maybe just open it up and snoop around on it. Want to see who's is doing it, and where, for less than a beer price ?

    By having an unlock code on your device GotYa! hooks into that, and once the password/pin/pattern is entered wrong, it allows the device to take a pic of the face of the thief, log the location, and send you an email !

    GotYa! takes a silent snapshot of the criminal who is attempting to use your device, through the front facing camera, whenever the screen lock is entered incorrectly. After taking the picture, it acquires the location of your device and forms a Google maps link, sending it with the timestamped picture to your email.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You can even tell GotYa! to shoot and locate every time the screen turns on, after some wrong attempts !

    Forget about others "device location" application ! GotYa! is THE choice !

    This is the FULL version of GotYa!, with the following *outstanding* features :

    - FULL size image capture
    - Email notifications support with location
    - Smart screen ON capture trigger
    - Queued system notifications support
    - Incremental, timestamped, captures support

    Be sure to setup the system screen lock and that's it !

    GotYa! memory needs are almost null : since GotYa! is deeply hooked into the screen lock, no permanent service is needed. It will NOT start long running services, excepted for sending emails but will shutdown as soon as finished.

    Froyo users : Froyo does NOT *officially* support front camera access to third party developers. GotYa! WILL try various workarounds for you, but please note that this is *experimental* and may NOT works. To be sure, please first try GotYa! Lite. You can help us to (better) support your device by sending us some informations about your camera using the "Support" button inside the application. We will do our best to update our application for Froyo, but you may have to consider upgrading to Gingerbread (or newer) for a 100% support.



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    anyone ?
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    I can't believe no one has replied to this. This could be an amazing app. I have not tried this app, since i do not have a front camera on my phone. Although my gf has the Droid3 and this app does not show up in the market. If i scan the bar code, it brings up the app in the market but says the app is not compatible with the Droid3. Any reasons why it wouldn't be? her phone has gingerbread with a front camera, can't seem to figure out why it doesn't work for Droid3's.

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