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    Version: 0.97.1

    TracePing is a network diagnostic tool which combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs and is similar to 'mtr'(*nix), 'winmtr'(Win), 'Nice Trace' (iOS).

    First, it finds the path between your device and any internet server and then starts to send periodical echo requests to each host on the way, gathering round trip time statistics.

    TracePing is very useful to investigate network problems, to find out where exactly is the connection bottleneck or a failure.

    • Coloring
    • Root is not necessary
    • A list of recently used hosts.
    • IP selection
    • Works on both WiFi and 3G/GPRS connection.
    • Internationalized domains (IDN) are supported
    • Extended statistics panel with average, max/min ping, jitter and StDev
    • Copy line or full report to clipboard
    • Integrated bug reporting (>= 2.3)
    • Switch between showing IP or hostnames

    • Doesn't work on devices without 'ping' executable.
    • 3G/2G paths can be weird or pings might be blocked at all, it depends on your cell provider network.
    • 100% loss usually means that ICMP packets are blocked on this host or it is down.

    This software is still in beta state, please report bugs to support_@_ inflim.com or here: http://www.inflim.com/support/

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    Guys, check it out!

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