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Top 3 cases and screen protectors for the Galaxy Note (International version)Tips

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  1. hajimeabc

    hajimeabc Well-Known Member

    Hello, considering to buy the GalaxyNote. What are the top 3 cases for this device? I want the case to have good protection against drops. It should also cover the base part of the note (know several cases don't). The case should not allow dust or particle to enter the gap between the device and the case to cause scratches. Similarly, the screen protector should prevent the device from getting scratched. It should cover the entire front panel rather than just the top 2/3 of the screen. Any recommendation appreciated.

  2. RocketMan007

    RocketMan007 Member

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  3. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Have to say that there are plenty of discussions here - you need to use the search this forum option.

  4. hajimeabc

    hajimeabc Well-Known Member

    Yes. I searched the forum but new products come out often. So, I was hoping to get the latest info.
  5. Max Revson

    Max Revson Active Member

  6. hajimeabc

    hajimeabc Well-Known Member

    To protect the Note from drops, is it better to get a hard case or a soft case?
    Somewhere I read that some cases block the samsung power connector. Without the device, how can I tell if there is such a problem?

    I have a few other cases in mind. Any experience on these appreciated.

    1. CAPDASE Alumor Jacket

    2. LAB. (C)'s (C)130
    iPhone 4/4s USB case, iPhone 4/4s case, iPad 2 case ? LAB.C

    3. SPG Ultra Capsule
    SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy Note Case Ultra Capsule Series - Samsung - Cell Phones

    4. Zenus Galaxy Note Case Capsule Slide Jacket
  7. DonaldGreig

    DonaldGreig Well-Known Member

    I use a Piel Frama iMagnum. Pretty good. Around
  8. Proper158

    Proper158 Well-Known Member

    Cracked my screen today at the gym with a light drop using the casemate matte case.:mad:
  9. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    I've bought 2 of the samsung oe cases - the one that replaces the back cover and has a front flap. Both have fallen to pieces the quality for a samsung product is appalling.

    Therefore I'd like to buy one that is similar and fits in the oe car dock. Any ideas appreciated. I've searched and searched the net but found nothing. Theres a nice Zenus leather case but looks quite thick and wont go in car dock though.

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