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  1. Batman4ever

    Batman4ever New Member

    hi ppl..I m running htc explorer android 2.3 ...I have installed ttorrent and BitTorrent ..when I start torrent dwnld it goes fine but after an hour downld speed is 0 ..then i have to stop it and resume it again ..pls tell wat to do for continous downldng ..without stopping nd resuming many d way torrent is healthy also no prblms wid network connection..


  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Because of what it's possible to download via torrent clients, a lot of network providers will block ports/limit the amount of data transfer when torrenting, that might be the cause of your issues?

    A small word of warning however, torrents are notorious for malware distribution and pirated material. Please if you continue to use this app be VERY careful about the files you download. You could either be compromising your security or violating copyrights which is something we can not allow here.
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  3. Batman4ever

    Batman4ever New Member

    thx for netwk is not blocking it ..nd I kno d other side of torrenting thx
  4. Mr_MTB

    Mr_MTB Member

    I use bittorrent beta which is working fine and they release the updates very frequently

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