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Toshiba AC100General

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  1. firkinfedup

    firkinfedup New Member

    Hey there!

    I got my first Android device through today, the Toshiba AC100, for some reason it's not available anywhere except Toshiba directly at the moment who claim to have had it in stock for a couple of weeks. Anyways...

    From the perspective of someone who is mainly a Windows user and have had pretty much every HTC Windows mobile device I do like to tinker and reflash things. So with that in mind I was wondering how Android fairs in this respect?

    Are there any sites setup that have home baked roms for such devices?

    It's currently running Android 2.1 and apparently an Android 2.2 firmware update is on the horizon in the next month or so (apparently).


  2. tsh

    tsh Member

    Your first problem is how to install apps - since it doesn't have access to the google market. I install them on my phone, backup to SD, and copy from there to the AC100.
    So far, noone has gained root access (so far as I can see). That would be the first step. Also, the hardware is different to any other device (tegra), so OS level things might be slightly different - don't just go trying any other firmware...
  3. firkinfedup

    firkinfedup New Member

    Hey tsh!

    Aah okay, I thought that might be the case with google market. I'm not so fussed about copying apps to an SD card first as long as I can get something on there at least.

    Talking of which, have you managed to get Flash working in a browser window on it yet??

  4. tsh

    tsh Member

    No, no flash yet. I did read that the opera browser should include it, but no joy. Can't find an apk for the latest version (but suspect it might be froyo only)
  5. ickeunddu

    ickeunddu New Member


    could someone explain me please how to connect the ac100-device to my adb-environment. I selected in device-preferemces "usb-debugging", "except unknown sources" and deselected the mounting. I dont have a clue, does someone?
  6. Morton Zheng

    Morton Zheng Member

    It need driver if your OS is windows or mac

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