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  1. ambientdroid

    ambientdroid Well-Known Member

    I first got this phone in January and it came with Android 2.1 (eclair) though Docomo were promising and update to 2.2 "sometime in Spring".

    My wife went into a docomo shop the other day about an issue she was having, they suggested they try upgrading to 2.2 to see if that helped. It did, then she came home and got me so I could get mine updated too - good girl.:)

    Now I'd asked their staff a number of times when the update was coming, they said there would be an email sent out and I would have to download something on my computer (not an over-the-air update for some reason?) and to keep an eye on their website.

    I never received any email and the English version of the Docomo website still doesn't have any news of the update.

    What I'm saying is that if you want the update, just go into a Docomo shop and ask for it. I don't know when they'll get around to letting you know otherwise.

    If you don't already know, the update to 2.2 is a pretty big improvement. You get Flash (can watch videos etc in your internet browser), move apps to the SD card (in case you're running out of space), some security holes have been fixed, the graphics seem to have been improved and there are a number of glitches that seem to have been fixed (video camera, audio, the whole thing seems to run better).

    So it's well worth getting.

    The thing is, this 'new' version is still well over a year old, there have been two more improved versions release by Google since (2.3 and 3.1), who knows if Docomo will every get around to giving us those updates? :(

  2. acshud

    acshud Member

    i manage to update to android 2.2 froyo take to official site of toshiba and now i have trouble to android market.don't show me anything.
  3. Epleskrotten

    Epleskrotten Active Member

    I'm having trouble because I need to have a later firmware to update to 2.2. Unfortunately I can't update the frmware because I get error message saying that no network available. I am on WiFI, so I assume Docomo requires that I am connected to Docomo's mobile network for this update. I am in Norway, so I can not use Docomos network.

    Do any of you know a workaround?

    I see there is a possiblity to upgrade via your computer on Toshibas website, but since I am not Japanese, I cn't really understand a single word of the description of how to do this.
  4. acshud

    acshud Member

    download the update to computer and you have file.unzip with have a folder name "prg".copy folder "prg" on empty 2G card and put in on the camera+volum up+power and enter in boot load.with vol up and vol down go to update and press camera will have a 2.2 froyo.good luck
  5. ceezae

    ceezae New Member

    any custom rom for this phone?

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