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Total blackout after kdz updateGeneral

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  1. PauLcow

    PauLcow New Member

    hello i have the problem too, i update firmware like in this video i have blinking buttons and stuck on logo, then when i made update v10c use this on my p350 and hes start doing that and stop after some time and show upgrade error wparam 100 and Lparam6 and i have total black screen, i take out baterry, then put it back, but hes die! nothing hapening total black screen no emergency mode no blinking and logo nothing... what i can do ? know maybe where is the problem ?

  2. PauLcow

    PauLcow New Member

    [R&D Test Tools Log File]

    20:43:23 : Launching SW update
    20:43:23 : Unpacking KDZ
    20:43:26 : KDZ file extraced
    20:43:27 : Files were extracted.
    20:43:27 : LGMobileDL Load.
    20:43:27 : Port = -1
    20:43:27 : Connecting to phone
    20:43:37 : Check Phone mode = 1
    20:43:54 : Phone type check.......
    20:43:59 : LGMobileDL.DLL Loading....
    20:43:59 : _SetAuthMark Fail
    20:43:59 : AuthMark
  3. rustlyd

    rustlyd New Member

    i had the same problem had to buy new phone... Sniff ! :(
  4. rishabchajed1

    rishabchajed1 New Member

    the mobiles board is damaged, u need to replace it.

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