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Total noob/Confused

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  1. Teako

    Teako New Member

    I want to root my Atrix 2 but im really confused. I have read and re-read quite a few different posts. I think the one click would be best for me. My phone has 2.3.6 already. Do I need to go back to 2.3.5? Do I need Bootstrap? I have downloaded 2.3.6 zip and the moto drivers. Havent extracted them yet. Could someone please help me out. I need it simple. Like for instance...

    1 Download this first
    2 then this
    3 then this

    Well you get the idea. I know this is a pain in your ###!! But I would appreciate any info and help. Please dont send me to any threads to read I have been all over this thread and threads at xda. Reading different things hasnt helped me out at all. Only confused me more!! The only things I have downloaded are weatherbug and a flashlight app. That flashlight app works great!!! Thanks again and please be patient with me. Im sure Ill have more questions and yes I do a search before I ask. I just got my Atrix 2. Only had it for a few days. Still learning everything about it. My first Andriod phone too.

  2. KEB64

    KEB64 Active Member

    As painful as it might sound, my advice is to keep researching until it all clicks for you. Also, if you're as new to Android as you say its a good idea to get to know your stock system. One question I do have is simply, why do you wanna root your phone? It opens you up to vulnerabilities from rouge software and user error that can render your phone fubared. All that said, rooting allows you to install custom ROMs that are beginning to surface for the Atrix 2. Also, any advice you get SHOULD come with a disclaimer that the advice/instructions given will not guarantee success and might cause your phone (and yourself) distress. ALL THAT said, if nobody chimes in here soon I'll walk you through it if you use Linux. For windows, somebody else would serve better. Good luck and have fun. The Atrix is a really good phone along with Android. Being rooted, using root tools and custom ROMs really is what separates us from most other phones.
  3. KEB64

    KEB64 Active Member

    Nothing to see here.
  4. ozziedog

    ozziedog Member

    Which one are you running 2.3.5 or 2.3.6?
    If you are sure you want to root your phone be advised that everything will be at your own risk. It will also void your warranty I'm told.
    This link has information on how to root your Atrix 2:

    UPDATE[02/12/12] The Beginners Guide !!! (NOOBS)[ALL IN 1 RESOURCE GUIDE] - xda-developers

    Title of article: UPDATE[02/12/12] The Beginners Guide !!! (NOOBS)[ALL IN 1 RESOURCE GUIDE]
    It tells you how to root 2.3.5 or 2.3.6.

    To download BootStrap, I downloaded straight to my phone. This is where you find the link.


    Also when ready to start the root, you need to go to Settings, Application Settings and check "Unknown sources"
    then tap on "Development" check "USB debugging" and "Stay awake".
    When you connect to computer make sure you use USB port in back of PC.
    Once connected to pc slide notification down and select "Charging Only".

    I'm sure their are some out their that are way more knowledgeable than I am, just give them time to respond. Good Luck

    I to am new at all this but I found the information I need. Hope this helps. If you really want to root your phone be careful. It's all at your own risk.
  5. Teako

    Teako New Member

    Thanks guys. But I think Im going to wait for a bit by Kebs advice and learn my phone first. I have read that noobies thread a few times. Im still confused. Oh and I have 2.3.6 on my phone already. It came that way. Thanks again!!
  6. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    Wow, if you're confused on how to root your phone that's already on 2.3.6 then yes, you DEFINITELY need to slow down.

    I mean, if you had simply looked around on the board you would have come across my thread that explains how to root this phone on 2.3.6.....it's just 9 threads below this one and is about as simple as anything gets on these phones. No way you can get confused either


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