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  1. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    Ok so ive tried underclocking. Froze and automatically shut off my fone.
    Turned off gps and auto sync. Not much better but improved a lil.

    Just downloaded battery doctor and cycle charged it over night.
    Made a world of difference! Im at 42% and ive been using my fone on and off thruout the day. Usually have to charge again by 2pm. Im a heavy user of my 4g. So i know how fast this thing drains. Hope this helps out everyone.

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  2. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

    I'm giving JuiceDefender a go - I had a Nexus One at one point and it made a nice difference with that phone. Curious to see how it does on this one.
  3. pl0323

    pl0323 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to know how that works out.
  4. eljefe0000

    eljefe0000 Well-Known Member

    any more interesting info would be nice as this phone is a battery hungry monster
  5. I downloaded the battery and left it charging over night with the app on.

    i'm not seeing any improvements and the app doesnt really claim to do anything to the battery. It just allows you to kill some apps that may use battery and then instructs you how to perform a full cycle charge. The app itself just seems to monitor the battery state and set off an alarm when fully charged.
  6. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

    So far so good with JuiceDefender- appears to be making a difference. Don't expect GMAIL to work in a push fashion as while the phone is asleep it only turns on the data connection once every.... 15 minutes... i believe...

    Will post an update later today or this evening.
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  7. ickster

    ickster Well-Known Member

    I thought Android 2.2 had added power management to it's capabilities? And that it would cause issues to use a powermanagement app?
  8. TRS-80

    TRS-80 Well-Known Member

    So far, unless I am mistaken, I think all these things are built into the phone (or maybe just into the apps I use):

    -Change frequency of email polling is available as an option in MailDroid (not sure about the stock email app).

    -Turning off GPS, WiFi, etc. you can do in the notifications pull down "shade."

    -Turning off 4G can be done using Anycut.

    -Doing a full cycle charge is what the phone's instructions say to do anyway the first 2-3 times (maybe no one reads instructions)?

    -Sets alarm when full charge reached - I thought the phone did this already? Or maybe it just pops up a message that says "battery full, remove charger" without any sound? I don't recall now.

    So I guess I don't understand what the point of these types of apps are? What am I missing here?
  9. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

    The Indulge takes too long to re-enable the data connection, so i went most of the day without emails having come in.

    All in all, yes, it does make a BIG difference in battery life, BUT, if you depend on emails , you might want to look elsewhere.
  10. MetroPOS

    MetroPOS Well-Known Member

    I've also noticed that it doesn't sync to check for emails frequently enough. I've been using the regular Android email app instead of the gmail and mail @metro apps. I mean 15 minute intervals is generally fine, but sometimes you want to know the minute you get an email...and sitting there having to refresh constantly is annoying. I know there are a ton of email apps on the market but most of them cost money so I haven't tried any.
  11. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    Don't mess with Juice Defender. I already posted on this around the time the Indulge was released. Juice defender messed up data really badly, and especially when the phone switches between cdma and LTE. I also experienced it not receiving txt on time, or it would hang up on the first ring from an incoming call. I had juice defender for 24 hours of testing, and it was the biggest POS i ever had on android. I don't think its built for LTE. Even though it has some kind of 4G options.

    The only thing that could possibly make this app work is perhaps the perfect settings. But with all my fooling around at work and at home, I couldn't get this POS app to do anything worth my time. The fact that it interrupted my data and calls WHEN i needed it the most made it the worst. Just my 2 cents.

    Typically to save battery, I do two things. First I make sure I have a power widget on my home screen, which then I disable everything (including contrast). Then I go to any cut, make LTE debugging shortcut, and turn off 4G. When I want to use 4G, I then turn on LTE through the debugging. With that I can practically last all day. I don't care about contrast while in a phone call, or a txt. Bout the only time I need the full contrast is when I'm in the hot sun lol. Or I'm watching a movie that is to dark without it.
  12. ickster

    ickster Well-Known Member

    Hey Silvist, glad to see you back.
    I have to say that it aggravates me to have to turn off any functions or having to adjust settings like that.
    I know I'm preaching to the choir, but why should I have to do that? I want to just see the screen when I'm outside....without having to set it up. And if I want to surf the web, I should not have to take an extra step just to turn it on.
    That's simply absurd IMO.
    I really like this phone. I really do. A lot. But the battery life is unbelievablely short. Criminally short. Like,WTF short........
  13. I wonder what snoop dog thinks about being behind a phone with zero battery life. LOL he is endorsing it.
  14. gus4269

    gus4269 Member

    His Ho's each carry a backup battery, he just snaps his fingers and they pop it like its hot.

    Need more coffee [​IMG]
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  15. tblock1984

    tblock1984 Member

    I have three batteries and JuiceDefender, and I can now go 24 hrs+.
    JuiceDefender reports approx. 1.8x increase in battery life, and I usually have one battery in the phone, a fully charged one in my pocket, and one on the charger. I haven't had to charge my phone itself since I got the replacement :)

    One thing that bugs me about JuiceDefender is sometimes it is very hard to turn 4G back on after you disable it. Sometimes I have to reboot the phone to use 4G... Sometimes it only gets 1x, despite being in an area I KNOW has 4G. Silvist already mentioned something similar.

    I keep wondering why there is no native option to disable 4G. I know for a fact the engineers here in the SF Bay Area are not happy with that. It puts unnecessary strain on the fledgling network and kills batteries. I also know from personal experience, pissy engineers are usually engineers who were ignored and forced to do something that doesn't make sense...

    Why Metro? What is your reasoning for ignoring the advice of your engineers?

    Random thought: Do other JuiceDefender users have their night time settings set to disable all Wifi and mobile data? Do you still get regular activity through the night, despite restricting it? I have the companion app, JuicePlotter, and it reports frequent drops in battery life through the night... Maybe it is just me, and that was on my old phone, which was rubbish. Haven't really been keeping track of it since I got multiple batteries.
  16. dongemus

    dongemus Well-Known Member

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