Totaly broken my phone:(

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  1. impmihai

    impmihai New Member

    Hello!I have just broken my galaxy gio phone.I installed ROM Manager and wanted to make a backup.A box showed up and answered me to install clockworkmode or what's his name and i hit accidentally the first button....My phone restarted and now it doesn't boot in any mode...Kies does not show that it is connected..Odin can do nothing....I totaly broken it...Cand i do something to repair it?.....

    It was running gingerbread 2.3.6 Turkey edition...

    Sorry for my VERY bad english...I am form Romania.Please help mee!:(((((

  2. impmihai

    impmihai New Member

    No one can help me????....
  3. ryuo3

    ryuo3 Member

    I am sorry to hear about that. What you can do is get clockworkmod (which is the best one) from the internet and put it on your phone. You need to hold down the power and the volume down buttons until a black screen comes up and then plug into your computer. On your computer you can browse files click it and look for a file named recovery and raname it to recover.old and put cement in and name it to what the other one was originally. Then unplug and boot into recovery (power+volume up and down buttons or power+home button). And boot normally or do whatever. Hope this helped.
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  4. impmihai

    impmihai New Member

    I tried but it didn't work...I luckly found that i have in my little town a good phone mechanic and he told me that i broken the boot driver...I hope he can revive my phone...anyway....Thanks a lot for your reply....

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