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  1. darqadius

    darqadius Member

    I have bought my Desire in UK where I live, but because im from Poland I use polish as well. It didnt take me long to find out the More Locate app which is great.. I can use predictive text in polish but there is a problem... when i want to use english and change it in preferences I cant chenge it back to polish because there is no such an option. The only way is to unistall more locate and reinstall it which is a pain... is there any way to fix it, so I can change the language in preferences?

    I have tried to install HTC_IME... its in the phone's settings but its not available during writing.

    Thanks for any help :) :)

  2. Norwegianpiglet

    Norwegianpiglet Active Member

    I don't think there is an OS solution to this, as the phones are sold with region spesific software. For this very reason, I bought mine in Norway with the Nordic language pack, which means I get Norwegian, but it will always have English in there too. I also got the VAT back for buying it there. There will be apps and keyboards out there in the MArket Place you can use. On my UK bought Hero, I downloaded a Scandianvian Keyboard app. Only downside to that was that phone keypad layout was not supported and everything had to be spelt.

    Good luck either way!
  3. gooner

    gooner Active Member

    hi there,
    I'm also from Poland and i got my Desire from uk t-mobile. It comes with polish language and i am able to use a predictive text when typing. when texting you have to hit settings button (bottom let, next to the keyboard) and set keyboard language to polish. hope it helps.
    pm me if you have any problems.
  4. darqadius

    darqadius Member

    I have contacted HTC but they advised me to install 3rd party software - prats. But I have figured out how to get what I want. I have installed HTC IME MOD and finally I know how to use it... just need to click and hold on area where you want to type and choose input method... sorted :) if anyone got problem with missing languages and needs help please contact me via pm

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