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  1. skittish

    skittish New Member

    My husband just got a Samsung Galaxy S. I have an S2. On mine I can make it so the touch keys at the bottom stay on all the time, but I don't see it in his settings under display, so they just go away all the time. I'm sure he'll get used to it, but I'd like to make it so they're always there. Is there a way to do this on the Galaxy S or is this just something they updated on the S2?


  2. ilovephones

    ilovephones Member

  3. skittish

    skittish New Member

    yes to what?
  4. Necoeddy

    Necoeddy New Member

    The issue I'm having is that I have the "Touch key light duration" set to "Always On" and it does not stay on.

    If I go to Settings-Display-Touch key light duration-and turn it off, then go back in and select "Always On" It works.

    However after the phone goes into "stand by" and then later I activate it back on to use it, the touch key lights will not come on. I go back to check the settings and they are still set to "Always On"! :argh:

    Any Ideas? :confused:
  5. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    No such setting exists for the Galaxy S and the soft keys are only lit up for a few seconds.

  6. rickr45

    rickr45 New Member

    Same thing happened to my phone. The thing is I need the touch keys back lit. Here's what's happened so far.
    • After it started I went to my local ATT store. They confirmed the problem but they said they had never heard of the problem but I would need to go to the device repair center to have them fix it.
    • I went to the repair center. They confirmed the problem but had never heard of it before. Offered to give me a refurblished replacement. However, while they were configuring the replacement phone they confirmed that the replacement had the same problem. I told them I wanted a different phone and they said that all they could do was offer another skyrocket.
    • I went back to my local ATT store and told them what the repair center said. The sales rep said I had not been to the repair center because a record of the visit was not in their system. I asked to speak with his manager. The manager confirmed the problem and also that the problem existed on their skyrocket demo. He called their warranty department. They would only send me a skyrocket replacement.
    • The warranty replacement arrived a few days later. Of course. it had the same problem.
    • I took both phones to my local ATT store. They confirmed that both had the problem but would not give me another model phone. Instead the manager said that he had found a work around. If I double clicked the button the back lite would come on, I had a hard time getting the bouble click to work but I went home with the phone.
    • I got a text message from ATT warranty department asking about their service. I would have rated it zero but my options were from 1 to 10. The interesting part was that they didn't ask if the problem had been repaired but the question was if I would recommend ATT based on the service.
    • I got a call from the warranty department offering to send my another replacement. I guess they have their head in the sand. I told him that I wanted my money back or a different model phone. He said he couldn't go either but may be able to get me an exception upgrade. An exception upgrade is like I had owned the phone for 2 years rather than 6 months. I asked him to call me back the next day. I then checked on ebay and found that I could sell my skyrocket for about what an upgrade would cost so the end result would be like all this never happened.
    • When he called back the next day I told him I would accept the exception upgrade but had not seen online where my phone number had been made eligible for an upgrade. He said that I couldn't upgrade online but would have to do it at a store. He put me on hold and when he eventually came back on he told me that I could go to a certain store further away to do the upgrade. When I asked him why I couldn't go into my local store which was much closer he said stores have different policies concerning exception upgrades. That raised a red flag.
    • I got the name of the person he talked to and went to the store indicated and asked for that person. Turns out that person is in finance and I couldn't speak with her but the sales rep did confirm that the finance person had spoken with the warranty person. After the sales rep talked with his manager he told me that they do not do exception upgrades and that the warranty person didn't know what he was talking about and the finance person misspoke. I walked out of the store with my malfunctioning skyrocket in hand.
    • I got another text message asking again if I would recommend ATT based on the service received from the warranty department. Of course, I said no. I told them the store wouldn't do what the warranty person said they would do and asked them, "what next?". That's been a few days and I haven't heard back.
    • So, what am I going to do? I've got three phones on my account and the contracts on all but this one will expire in about three months. At that point I leaving ATT.
  7. GuccizBud

    GuccizBud Member

    Not long enough; didn't read

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