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Touch Screen Buttons

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  1. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    So we have this problem with Gaming on our phones, touch screens i have found make horrible substitutes for physical buttons,
    not to mention i find them uncomfortable.
    I was using a GB emulator, and found that the buttons on the touchscreen having no instant tactile feedback meant that i could not perform the game very well, in fact any moves that would be done by pushing down both buttons or one then the other very quickly could not be done.

    So a platformer, where you have to jump then spin or slide and jump was difficult to impossible, it would not respond to the second button push.

    Plus, in a platformer, or action or fighting sparring game, you need to look at the action, not look at your fingers.

    What solutions do people use to get around this?
    The Xperia play is the only phone with a proper physical gamepad built in, as for qwerty keyboards, i think they would be rather unintuitive and not very ergonomic in fact most of them i tried to use actually were far more infuriating to type on then a virtual keyboard for me.

    Any way any answers will be appreciated.

  2. Wom

    Wom Well-Known Member

    Play games fit for a touch screen. FPS games are not made for a touchscreen so i don't play them (other then for reviews). Games like Where's My Water?, Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, etc etc etc are all games made for touch controls. They work perfectly.

    There are some devices that click onto a phone providing hardware buttons. But haven't used any.
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  3. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    Those games are not my kind, i like platformers particularly like Mario etc and as such i like buttonplay it's just a shame that it's one area that Smartphones are lacking in that area.

    I think the only solution is just having a phone with a comfortable slide out control panel that can assign button functions to.
    a Qwerty keypad with aligned keys with spaces between them would be comfortable for the thumbs.

    I would have gone for an Xperia Play and am still tempted to get one, but i do not like the Xperia phones i prefer HTC and Samsung, but still the game functions are tempting and excellent.

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