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Touch screen is NOT working after upgrading to android 4.0Support

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  1. okyanus

    okyanus New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I bought my phone from Canada and I am using it in Europe as I have been here last a few months.

    Yesterday, I had a software update message with 300 mb size and I approved this because it was an update from HTC and I wanted my phone to work under android 4.0 & HTC Sense 3.6.

    After the update, I thought it was successful. Well, I guess I was wrong because after updating I can NOT use my touch screen at all. I cannot enter my pincode for the simcard and even I put a different sim card, I cannot unlock the ring. Touch screen is not working at all. I even tried factory reset! I reset to factory settings at least twice or three times but it does not work either!

    I have been searching on the internet since yesterday and saw many forums, messages saying S-ON and S-OFF thing. I looked at it but using volume up/down button as well as power button together and it shows the messages below.

    *** LOCKED ***
    Jan 12 2012, 17:33:34

    What did I do exactly? It says

  2. huy_lonewolf

    huy_lonewolf Well-Known Member

    I would recommend you to bring your Sensation XE to HTC Service center rather than doing all these until you are familiar with all these hacking techniques. This is most likely due to a faulty update.
    Otherwise, if you don't mind running the possible risk of bricking your phone, I can explain to you the following points:
    When you press power button + volume down, you enter the bootloader screen. "LOCKED" here means that you currently have a locked bootloader (all unroot phones have locked bootloaders, so you actually not doing anything wrong). You can read this to understand what bootloaders do:
    What Is Bootloader And How To Unlock Bootloader On Android Phones [Complete Guide]
    Revolutionary tool does not work with hboot 1.27 (included in the latest firmware for the HTC Sensation XE), thus you will be unable to root it using their tool. The only way to root it is to downgrade your firmware to earlier version with lower hboot so that revolutionary can work. The detailed guide for rooting and gaining S-OFF in your situation is here (can be a bit complicated for noobs):
    [Guide] Successful S-OFF after (wrong S-ON) brick for ICS/GB ,Downgrade S-ON firmware - xda-developers

    Moreover, your touch screen issue has nothing to do with whether you are S-ON or S-OFF because it is an official update from HTC. You only need S-OFF when you need to install custom ROMs and flash new radios. My safest best is that they gave you the wrong firmware update, since US/Canada and Europe use different firmware package.
  3. okyanus

    okyanus New Member

    Thank you for your reply huy_lonewolf.
    I am just wondering if this is covered under warranty. I did not update anything that HTC did not want me to . Therefore, I am just thinking this should be covered under warranty no?
    The only thing concerns me is that I bought the phone from Canada and now I am in Turkey. They might say that I need to take the phone to Canada in order for warranty to be valid :(
    I would like to take my chances on warranty first. The second option is to go with your instructions above.

  4. fintryloon

    fintryloon New Member

    I have exactly the same problem with my Sensation XE, I bought it in the UK but now live in Australia, where it updated 4 Android updates and since then the touch screen will not respond at all.
    I have contacted HTC who have pased me from Australia to the UK to Singapore and now back to the UK, the phone is only 4 months old so should be under warranty, but Singapore say the warranty starts when it was manufactured.
    If you manage to get any further with your phone let me know otherwise I am going to have to take my chances sending it back to the UK.
    I have read somewhere that it can be rebooted from a SD card but I cannot find the software to load on the Sd card.
  5. fintryloon

    fintryloon New Member

    After finally getting the UK branch of HTC to take responsibility for my Sensation XE, I sent it back from Oz. About a week later it was returned to me, where it worked for 4 hours and then updated android again, crashed and the touch screen stopped working again.....GRRRR. I ree-contacted HTC UK and they suggested a new battery, which they posted out at no charge. I fitted the new battery and nothing changed. 2 days later just before packaging it up to go back to the UK I gave the phone one last chance and inserted the new battery again......HOLY SHIT.....it proceeded to work like it was brand new. Seems my phone did not have a software problem but the old battery was fried and caused a static build up in the screen rendering it useless..... Worth a try for the price of a new battery rather than scrapping it.

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