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  1. jakkebrown

    jakkebrown Active Member

    I woke up yesterday and the touch on my play seems to be working on and off. Making it really really hard to get past my pattern lock 80% of the time. Its seems to be okish when being used for 10 mins but other times its unresponsive.
    Can anyone help me.
    Thanks in advance
    (Sods law is I'm typing this on my play and the touch didn't stop working once)

  2. jakkebrown

    jakkebrown Active Member

    No one??
    I've also discovered that the touch doesent work atall when the game pad is out.
  3. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    This may be software and it would be worth running a repair/update via PC companion first before considering repair. Do you have PC Companion installed on your PC?
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  4. jakkebrown

    jakkebrown Active Member

    Yes, I will try that. Thankyou
  5. jakkebrown

    jakkebrown Active Member

    about a week after i posted that first thread the touch stopped working completely so after a while of searching online i found it was most likely the digitaliser that was faulty, i replaced it, and nothing. still no touch screen. does anybody know what the issue may be?
    they in no water damage and i have used the sony pc companion to 'fix' software and still nothing. i am in need of help.

    Thanks in advance :)
  6. Katerina111

    Katerina111 New Member

    I've had this problem before (my xperia play touchscreen wasn't working & in the end it wouldn't turn on). I took my phone to the local repairs shop & was told that it was a software problem and was adviced to send it to sony ericsson company so that they would repair it. When I got hime I contacted sony ericsson customer support and they sent me the details of where to send my phone and what to put in the postal box with the phone. When I got it back I noticed that they changed the motherboard (main part) and the touchscreen was working but now the phone turns itself off instead of going into the sleep mode when it's not in use. I think that I'll try to send it to them again as they fix these things for free and you only have to pay for postage. If they'll not fix it this time then next time I'll probably tell them that my phone got stolen or something.

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