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  1. JimGraham5

    JimGraham5 New Member

    I have had my Acer A200 for almost 3 months now and it suddenly developed a problem with it's touch screen. It seems that the slightest movement of the tablet can send it off to other programs or the menu screen. Then there are some areas of the screen that won't activate when they are touched. The tablet has never been dropped or abused. It is kept in a leather case and used maybe 5 hours a week. Has this been a problem with anyone else and if so is there any other solution besides sending it back for repair or replacement?

  2. lifesignz

    lifesignz Active Member

    Have you tried a pinhole reset, or last resort a factory reset?
  3. JimGraham5

    JimGraham5 New Member

    Yes, I have tried the resets. Neither worked. I did an on-line chat with an Acer Representative yesterday and my tablet is now on route back to Acer. I was told that the turn around time would be 7 to 10 days. Figuring in shipping time I should have it back in about 2 weeks. I just hope it comes back fixed or new.
  4. lifesignz

    lifesignz Active Member

    Hope it solves the issues, keep us posted.
  5. JimGraham5

    JimGraham5 New Member

    Received my tablet back Wednesday, Aug 1st. It appears to be working well. They even sent me a new screen protector to apply. The only disappointment was they sent me an email when it was fixed and ready for shipment, they also promised to send me tracking information when it was shipped. I never received the second email. But it's back and I am once again enjoying my tablet.
  6. bdavidg

    bdavidg New Member

    Consider yourself fortunate. I've sent mine back three times and its still not fixed! I have problems with nonresponse, and keyboard malfunctions. Its incredibly irritating to type one letter and get a second one from another part of the screen. It also pulls up other menus from different parts of the screen. I wouldn't recommend this tablet for anyone. And its so annoying to talk to a guy who speaks broken english and calls themself Jacob, when you know he's Asian.
  7. vicshalls

    vicshalls Well-Known Member

    Mine as become very unresponsive and loads slower and slower. I only use it at home on wifi. I end up using my phone cause it loads faster. May end up using my warranty from micro center and see what's up. If they can't seem to fix it may trade it in and get the nexus 7.
  8. AndyAcer200

    AndyAcer200 New Member

    I love my A200, but it started having exactly the same problem a couple of weeks ago, right after Thanksgiving I purchased it back in March 2012 and use it mostly for reading programming books using the Nook e-reader app. About the only other apps I have loaded are some of the well known games like Angry Birds along with Weather Bug, and Google maps/night sky.

    In desperation I did a factory reset last night and it did not help...The touch screen problems started immediately after restarting. It took me an hour to reload a couple of apps and I finally gave up trying to log into my Barnes & Noble account. Every time I go to enter the B&N password it switches to some other random app when I try to tap the second letter. It took me forever to enter my B&N user name...the keyboard letter 'e' was completely dead in portrait, I had to switch to landscape to finish my username.

    I am trying to find my purchase receipt from Staples so I can open a ticket with Acer and get this repaired.

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