Touch screen unresponsive on LG G3 after screen wakes from sleep/lock (but fine before)Support

  1. Will Willsher

    Will Willsher New Member

    Firstly let me assure you I have searched google generally and also looked through lists on here specifically for an answer and can’t find one (some similar but not the same and don’t help). I’m not one of those lazy people who just posts a question without bothering to look for answers already on the site.

    Please can you help me, I recently managed to drop my LG-G3 and smash the screen – it was cracked/shattered in several places, to the point I could still see the wall paper image below but the touch was unresponsive. Having viewed various video demos, I felt comfortable replacing the entire screen but wouldn’t want to mess around trying to separate glass etc. so spent £80 on an entire new front piece with glass, LCD and I presume, digitiser?

    Using the correct tools (which I have successfully used in the past on another phone) I carefully removed the screen and glass debris then replaced the new one and screwed it all back together again. Initially it was fine however after the screen locks/sleeps and I wake it up by pressing the power button on the back it is totally unresponsive, meaning I either need to remove and replace the battery or as a I later found, keep tapping the screen repeatedly whilst pressing the back button on and off a few times to switch between screen on and sleep, after which it eventually unlocks (I had removed the knock code earlier).

    Once I have control again its fine, with normal sensitivity in all areas, but as soon as the screen goes off I have the same problem.

    I have tried updating all software updates and I have also carefully removed the two rear back plates and board to check the connections were firm and cables ok – they all seem fine but the problem remains.

    Could this be a software issue or something else I could try, or have I been sold a duff screen and should ask for a refund/replacement?

    I have added some information below you may require to advise?

    Network = O2
    IMEI SV (whatever that is?) = 07
    Model number = LG-D855
    Android version = 5.0
    Baseband version = MPSS.DI.2.0.1.c1.13-00048-M8974AAAAANPZM-1
    Kernel version = 3.4.0
    Build number = LRX21R.A147604035
    Software version = V20e-EUR-XX

    Thank you for anyone who takes the time to read and respond – I have done quite a bit of assisting people on another site (in another area, of which I have some expertise) so I’m hoping for some Karma!

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hello and welcome Will Willsher!
    First off, kudos to you for replacement of the screen!! I tried that once with a device with terrible results:(

    Anyway, to me, it sounds like your replacement screen is the issue.
    To rule out software, I would surmise a factory reset would be something to try.
    Now you probably realize that will wipe out your data on the device, so be sure to back stuff up.

    When you get phone calls or texts etc, does the screen wake up right away?
  3. Will Willsher

    Will Willsher New Member

    Thanks Mike, i should have added i have tried factory reset, and although when i get a call it wakes the screen, i have the same problem so can't answer it :-(

    It sounds like I'll have to replace the screen, i just didn't want to send it back if its my phone (as it works fine until the lock)

    Anyone else heard of this before i do?
  4. duraturk

    duraturk New Member


    I am having the exact same problem. Received a G3 with cracked screen for repair. Replaced the screen and the touch is working as long as the phone, the display is on. Once it goes into sleep mode and wakes up later on, the touch is not working anymore.

    At first, I thought it was a defective screen causing the problem. Tried another one and it is the same. Replacement is pretty much straight forward and even easier than the G2 screens. I do not see any room for making a mistake during the replacement. Tried a 3rd screen with almost no hope and there is no change, the problem is still there.

    I was highly convinced that the problem would be a software problem and a factory reset would fix it. The phone is not mine so I didn't proceed with the reset but now I am hugely disappointed when I read that you tied factory reset and that didn't work neither.

    Please share if you have any more information about this problem.

  5. SpyderBite

    SpyderBite Well-Known Member

    Are these replacement screens oem parts from LG or are they third party? Has anyone tried buying a dead g3 from eBay and using the display from that to replace the broken display? This would guarantee that you are using an oem original part.
  6. duraturk

    duraturk New Member

    Of course they are 3rd cheap chinese party. I am not sure if LG sells these screens as oem parts. I don't think any of the main players in the industry does.

    Anyway, what are the chances of getting 3 defective screens in a row? Should be extremely low even for my 3rd cheap chinese party screens. I would love to try a 4th one but from a different supplier, however I don't think I will have enough time to do so. I gotta return the phone to owner in a couple of days.

    Ohhh, in the meanwhile; I tried the factory reset on the phone, using the menus and it didn't work, which I wasn't expecting anyway.

    I wanted to re-flash the device, this I was more hopeful to fix the problem. However, the process looked a little complicated and I didn't go ahead with it.

    Would love to hear any suggestions....

    Did you do a plain factory reset or flashed the software?
  7. duraturk

    duraturk New Member

    The 4th screen from a different supplier fixed the problem. Thanks god I did not give up and tried the 4th replacement screen. Maybe it is time to change my supplier.
  8. mikeyspectacular

    mikeyspectacular New Member

    can you put the link to where you purchased the screen? i am having the same problem but i have not tried any screens and i sont want to buy a defective one.
  9. duraturk

    duraturk New Member

    Try to purchase from Ebay, from a reputable seller with good feedback score, accept returns and who already sold the item more than 100. My suppliers requires business accounts, they sell in bulk and they do not have a link.

    Hope this helps....
  10. Stopper

    Stopper New Member

    Well , same problem. and that is with 3-4 lcds from not oem suppliers.
    reset wont help you . noticed that after 3845#*855# - test - touch firmware is 1.22 , but on img is 1.26
    so this could be the problem, but after trying to update FW the operation is freezing.

    Just get the trick when the screen is ON i double click fast power ON button and touch start working.
    need fcking solution , have 3-4 lcd for repair.
  11. rnagic

    rnagic New Member


    I did some research and found out a lot has to do with the sensors on the front of the display near the front facing camera. If those sensors are covered, the software thinks the phone is still in your pocket. I

    I just took the motherboard back off and used a wooden toothpick to wipe the tint off the little windows for the sensors and front facing camera (from the inside part of the glass) BE CAREFUL the tint is surprisingly easy to wipe off and it can look sloppy if you aren't careful.
    I wasn't careful.
    But my phone works now!
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