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Touch screen wont work properlySupport

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  1. manda

    manda New Member

    I just bought my Charm yesterday and I am finding it very difficult to use the touch screen.. I am just wondering if this is normal or not. When I use the touch screen it wont slide half the time and also when I push the buttons and such it sometimes takes a while.. I'm really torn because I love this phone but i am tired of the crashing and not being able to use the touch screen.. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Thanks everyone

  2. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Take it back and ask for another one.
  3. neutronscott

    neutronscott New Member

    I read there is a sensor that disables the touchscreen when you have it near your face. Maybe you're getting your hands to close to it? It's what Motorola Support site says anyway about it. It certainly does this when plugged in to charge, and I think it's the programs it runs... but the senor is their suggestion..
  4. Most probably not. All reviews I've read give thumb-ups for CHARM's capacitive touchscreen.

    Take it to the store and see...? Could be your holding method could be hardware...

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