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  1. JLW24

    JLW24 Well-Known Member

    It worked less than an hour ago. And now it won't work! I can't unlock my phone and can't answer a call!!!! WTF?!?!

  2. vandyman

    vandyman Well-Known Member

    Try removing the battery for a few minutes and let use know if that worked...
  3. JLW24

    JLW24 Well-Known Member

    VZW tech support had to guide me through the boot menus to do a factory reset. That didn't work. They had me go all the way to Verizon store before they closed. The guy there tries again, and it worked. I swear, they are all in such denial about issues with this phone. They said they never get any complaints or returns yet I am on my 2nd device that I got on 12/26 and this one is already crashing on me. I told them I would live with it for a few more days and if it has any issues whatsoever, I am bringing it back. It is all noted in my account. I am just fed up!!
  4. JLW24

    JLW24 Well-Known Member

    And does anyone know where pictures are stored? Apparently a factory reset erases pictures too on this darn phone. On my Droid2, they were saved on the SD card and didn't get erased. :confused:
  5. Mr. Orange 645

    Mr. Orange 645 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately a.factory reset erases all user info on the phons, including pictures, music, etc...One of the downsides of not having an SD card but relying on a "virtual SD card." Anytime you need to do.a.factory reset you need to connect to a computer and back up those items or back them up to the cloud via a service such as dropbox or I also learned this the hard way from owning an iPhone 4. Lost an entire day at the zoo with my daughter on Father's Day. I was sick over it.

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