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  1. thagrrrl79

    thagrrrl79 Member

    I have a very hard time w/ the slide to answer feature. It frequently takes me 3-5 tries to answer a call. I would much rather be able to touch to answer. I do realize that there's a slim chance of answering calls while in my pocket, but I'd rather that then fight w/ the phone. Does anyone know of an app for this? I've searched various forums and there are no current threads regarding this.

  2. CegAbq

    CegAbq Well-Known Member

    Try Tedd's Droid Tools
    you can answer with the camera button
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  3. thagrrrl79

    thagrrrl79 Member

    Sadly, I don't think my camera button works after dropping it a few months ago, so that wouldn't work. But that's good to know!
  4. dean2359

    dean2359 Member

    try the app Screen Mode" disables the lock
  5. thagrrrl79

    thagrrrl79 Member

    The screen lock? I don't want that disabled. If I didn't want to use it, I wouldn't.
  6. pwhooftman

    pwhooftman Member

    Lock 2.0 disables the slider to unlock & slider to answer, and shows two big Green Accept & Red Deny buttons on an incoming call. And it gives you a left to right unlock so you don't unlock the phone by taking it out of your pocket.
  7. thagrrrl79

    thagrrrl79 Member

    Perhaps I should clarify: I don't use the "slide to unlock" feature; I have a lock pattern set. I just want to not slide to answer/ignore calls as it's difficult for me to do. I did look up both apps that were recommended and am concerned w/ some of the reviews.

    I just want something that, instead of presenting the slides to answer/ignore, I get simple push buttons. If this doesn't exist, I wonder who I can commission to make one.
  8. forza2020

    forza2020 Well-Known Member

    Same here. I have a Samsung Galaxy S which does provide you with the option to answer with any button, but it doesn't work!
  9. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member

    Anyone find this app that will let you push a button to answer or deny a call instead of swiping?
  10. twistedsense

    twistedsense Well-Known Member

    Try Easy Answer Button Free. You have a green answer button and red decline button. I put it on both my wife's and my phone. Even lets you set a delay time for how long you have to push the button.
  11. Bulldog

    Bulldog Well-Known Member


    GREAT APP! I set a 1/4 second delay and never worry about prematurely answering my phone while pulling it out of my pocket. Love it.

    Easy Answer Button Free - Android app on AppBrain
  12. cynthiad

    cynthiad New Member

    I have this and it certainly does the job. However, I'm looking for something else because the buttons overlay and hide the incoming number and so you have no way to screen calls.

    Ok, I just bought this for .99:

    Seems to work well and now I can see the incoming number on the screen - I've only gotten a few calls on it and once it did not work and I had to answer with the old slider. We'll see.
  13. KathyJM

    KathyJM Member

    This app sounds just what I want (I frequently cut callers off using the slider) but is no longer available. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions, please?

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