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  1. srosenblum

    srosenblum Member

    I have been using the native email app for both synching with my exchange outlook server and handling a seperate POP email account. This works fine for most of my needs, but I have a few glitches that I'm trying to figure out.
    I would like to be able to sync my outlook exchange task list and the standard email app doesn't do this
    I would like to have my email sorted in the same order with subfolders as I have on my PC, but the Hero sorts the folders in random order without proper sub folder hierarcy.
    I would like to have some flexibility in how my contacts are sorted and displayed.
    Is anyone using Touchdown on their Sprint Hero? How do you like it? and does it address these issues?
    Any help would be appreciated


  2. ecaggiani

    ecaggiani Well-Known Member

    I bought and use Touchdown and I love it.

    Yes, it syncs tasks (this was the main reason I bought this app) and it does it well!

    I *think* it's sorting the folders properly, but honestly I only sync my top level inbox so I can't verify subfolder hierarchies, sorry. There is an option to select which email folders to sync.

    As for contacts, I don't see any sort options. They come in sorted by last name, like this: "Smith, John", and there's an option to "copy to phone". But honestly, I use my Google contacts rather than the synced Exchange contacts. One benefit here is that it synced all my Google contacts into Exchange (I didn't have any contacts in Exchange since we use our Global Address server at work). Touchdown can lookup the company directory as well, so if I need someone's contact info, I can easily find it without it having to be in my contact list.

    If you depend on Exchange for email, tasks, and calendar, I highly recommend Touchdown. It's like having a mini Outlook on your phone!
  3. ToxicToastKatz

    ToxicToastKatz Well-Known Member

    I'm also very interested in this program.

    I utilize my company's Exchange Server for contacts and calendar. My phone is a personal use phone, so I'm not required to get my email on it, however, I do in fact like to be able to answer an email if I'm out and about and not busy. The only problem I'm finding with the software built into the phone, is the Mail client takes FOREVER to open and refresh. it is pretty brutal. Everything else on my phone is pretty snappy, but my Mail client is horribly slow.

    Does Touchdown refresh/open quickly? If I were to use this, I would only really want it for email, as the native apps on the Hero handle my contacts and calendar fine. I suppose I could try to use it for calendar, as the native app notifications are a little odd the way they function, but my main question has to do with the functionality of the email.

    The other concern I have is duplicate info on the phone. If I were to try this out, am I going to duplicate everything?

    My other option is to see how the MR update affects it (if at all).
  4. ecaggiani

    ecaggiani Well-Known Member

    Touchdown opens quickly on my phone...nearly instantly. I have it set to push email, so I get my emails nearly instantly as well. It's light years better than the stock mail app in my opinion. Give the trial a shot and see what you think :)
  5. ToxicToastKatz

    ToxicToastKatz Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input. I'll probably give it a whirl today. What about duplicates? Is that an issue? I'm most likely only going to use the email, and maybe the calendar, but don't want anything interfering with the native apps on the phone, or causing duplicate info.
  6. ecaggiani

    ecaggiani Well-Known Member

    Duplicates have not been an issue. Touchdown keeps its own contacts database separate from the phone...but it does have an option to "copy to phone" if you wanted to.

    Also, I sync my work calendar on both the native app and Touchdown. Again, Touchdown has its own calendar so it does not interfere with the native app, but I sync both because I prefer the native app's notifications over Touchdown's, but I still want Touchdown to be aware of my work calendar since it has more robust features for meetings, etc.
  7. tomemail

    tomemail Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if Touchdown or any other non-stock mail app will let you filter in, to not receive email unless its from someone in your contact list?

    BlackBerry had this under the security tab and it worked well for me with work. It completely eliminates any junk when you're on a pop3 email account and for work, I have everyone in my contacts.

    Please Help

    Thank You
  8. benavramd

    benavramd New Member

    I just installed the trial of touchdown and for the most part I like it. Question--what is the circle to the right of mail messages for? When I press it, it puts a check--but what does that mean?

  9. chocmatic

    chocmatic Well-Known Member

    Is this only for exchange or can you also set up pop accounts? If so, how do you set one up?
  10. srosenblum

    srosenblum Member

    Sorry, Touchdown is only an exchange program
    I also have a personal POPemail account. I just access it using the native email app. or you can have your POP account forward all mail to your exchange account. Then you will get both over Touchdown.
  11. rldev

    rldev Well-Known Member

    Can Touchdown integrate calendar and tasks with native android calendar? I can't find out how this is done. With Moxier Mail, it fully integrates with Google apps.
  12. swany11

    swany11 Member

    i have used the check boxes to delete multiple emails at once.
  13. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    i was using the stock htc app for exchange until the company i work for found out there are security issues with the native exchange on the droid phones (eris, hero, droid). they recommend touchdown.

    what i have found is touchdown, when using push, keeps the phone awake more than the stock app. when i used the built in app, the awake time was in the teens (11-14 sometimes less) and with TD its in the 80's 70's.

    the device is warmer (more battery usage) then the stock htc app. its not hot hot hot... but its warm...

    a time or two i will get an error that reslts in the app needing to be restarted. it will say soomething to the effect of "touchdown is taking to long to open" or somesuch then it would say "wait" or "force cancel". this isnt all the time but i have seen it happen.

    i had the database in main memory but i moved it to Sd card as that was an option. and btw the above error happened when the database was in main memory and i have seen it now that its on Sd card.

    i did a quick restore and reloaded the server info and such and the errors are less (they were not happening a lot before mind you).

    app does open MUCH MUCH faster than the htc app.. that is great!

    i am running a stock un-rooted phone with only pandora, google talk, and now touchdown loaded on the phone. no other tweaks or 3rd party programs.

    if i had a choice i would prefer the built in htc app. it was super easy and didnt use a lot of resources. i am forced to use a 3rd party program as per the company i work for if i want exchange on the device. i can still use the built in exchange on my PRO2 with no issues so i hope google/htc comes out with an update to patch the security concerns when it comes to the mail app.

    the developer is real responsive to questions about his app so if you have any questions email him.. he responds quickly and is willing to help.

    i still recommend this app if anyone needs exchange. i don think it sorts folders but it does sync them and they are in order unlike on the htc app.
  14. ATLDroid

    ATLDroid Member

    Can you change the autosignature in Touchdown? I am using the trial version and I don't seem to be able to change it. If I choose the paid version, does it allow me too change the stock autosignature?
  15. chedz23

    chedz23 New Member

    I'm using the trial version of Touchdown and love it except for one thing. Whenever I receive text messages it only shows the phone number and not the associated name from my contacts list (the names showed up fine when I was using the stock Contacts app that came with my Droid). Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!
  16. chandler

    chandler Member

    I use Touchdown and love it. I have an issue with the first page that comes up when Touchdown starts. Does anyone know how to set the preference for sorting the Active Tasks section on the front page? I get the sorting and filtering on the Task page itself (though I'm having trouble with it recognizing that one category had been deleted from the server)
  17. chandler

    chandler Member

    yes, on the paid version you can change the signature. it's a great app- works very well on my droid. totally worth the money
  18. dlotito

    dlotito New Member

    You can click that dot on multiple emails and then click menu and touch delete to delete all the selected emails. Very convenient
  19. dlotito

    dlotito New Member

    Yes. It is in the advanced settings menu.
  20. Blk02

    Blk02 Member

    The company directory is still not working in Android 2.2 at least on my EVO 4G. But the good news is that you dont need it to work. There is a better way. I kept thinking that Google was supposed to be the king of searching, so I could not accept the fact that you cannot atleast search by company name. After doing some digging I found out a way to find contacts by company name.

    Press the "+" sign next to "Phone" on your home screen then select "Widgets" next select "Google Search" then select "People" and place the search bar on your home screen. Now you can search your contacts by name, company, number, etc. You can select the contact and see the full contact info for that individual and dial the number from there. You can also have the search pull up related email, texts, etc. when you search for the individuals name.
  21. dbrown2

    dbrown2 New Member

    How do you sync work calendar with Touchdown? I see how to sync contacts from within Touchdown with the phone contacts, but not the calendar.
  22. BG-Pete

    BG-Pete Member

    I was hoping that an OS upgrade to Droid 2.x (which I have not done yet) would eliminate the need for TD. Did anyone delete it. It's a pretty large program.
  23. kingkerna

    kingkerna Member

    I am also very interested in this app, just got the trial and am impressed so far. Can someone please advise if the paid version syncs notes?
    The main reason I wanted this app was that the galaxy s calendar was syncing fine but the color on the calendar was very hard to read - not sure why. Plus syncing tasks was pretty important to me rather then using a sep app for tasks that doesn't sync with my work pc.

    What do people think of using it for contacts etc, do you still use the base phone software for this? I don't want to be flicking back and forth.

    Thanks in advance.
  24. BG-Pete

    BG-Pete Member

    I upgraded to Droid 2.27.x and still needed to use TD. I contacted Nitrodesk Support who responded incredibly fast. They instructed me to install the OS upgrade then install the TD for Android 2.1. I then reinstalled my license and this version is better than the old.

    But to answer your question, the version I have syncs Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Highly recommend it.
  25. kingkerna

    kingkerna Member

    The trial is good, really good, only concern is the lengthy delay to open emails, anyone else experiencing this?

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