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  1. onca

    onca Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am developing the Software TouchRemote, a remote control for Windows PCs.

    The initial Beta phase has been finished. Nevertheless there still is a Beta version that will always have the newest features and improvements included (but possibly bugs as well).

    Post your opinions, suggestions and issues!

    Happy testing! :)


    • Client/Server application
    • Connection via Wi-Fi, Internet or Bluetooth (Microsoft Stack only)
    • Currently supported applications:
      • Winamp
      • iTunes
      • Inmatrix Zoom Player
      • VLC Media Player
      • TerraTec HomeCinema
      • Microsoft PowerPoint
      • Windows Media Player
      • Windows Media Center
      • Spotify
    • Currently supported system operations:
      • System volume
      • Screensaver on/off
      • Browse file system/start files on PC
      • Mouse
      • Keyboard
      • Desktop view
      • Lock, shutdown, sleep, hibernate PC
      • Start PC


    - Android 2.1 and higher

    - Windows XP(SP2), Vista , 7, 8
    - Java JRE 1.6 and higher


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    More Info

    Download Android App

    Google Play (Browser)

    Google Play (App)

    Google Play (App)

    Download PC Software

    TouchRemote PC Software Demo

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  2. onca

    onca Member

    • Pinch-to-zoom for desktop view on multitouch devices
    • Window mode for desktop view: Triple tap to focus on tapped window (e.g. to focus on YouTube-Video)
  3. Shephurd

    Shephurd New Member

    I joined this forums just to let you know that this app is almost perfect! love it!
    I got a mouse app, and a desktop viewer app, but this pretty much outdoes em both, especially since its all in the one app..
    wish I could try it out with the keyboard in use too, though..

    gonna keep playing with this one for sure
  4. onca

    onca Member

    I'm happy you like it! :)
    As stated in post #1, you can get a licence key for Beta testing. Just send me a PM!
  5. onca

    onca Member

    A new Version is ready for testing!

    Major Improvements
    • Many new features for File Explorer: Copy, Delete, Rename etc. (Multiple selection of files by draging on icons)
    • Compatibility with Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
    • Option to set vibration intensity
    • Better gesture handling to prevent unintentional panel scrolling
  6. subhendusc

    subhendusc Member

    The App is great something which i was looking for.
    I have a robot with a Laptop running windows 7 fitted to it. The laptop will video the robots surroundings and based on that it will control the robot. I have a small software in windows 7 which does this.
    Can you tell me is it possible to see the video in my mobile (android). I also want to control the robot from my mobile . Is it possible?
  7. onca

    onca Member

    Technically it would be possible indeed. But as TouchRemote is not designed for this kind of appliance it will not be handy to control your robot I guess.
    Current options are:
    1. If you show the camera output on the desktop of the laptop you can watch it on your phone.
    2. If you can control your robot via keyboard or mouse input you can use TouchRemote to some extend.

    However, tell me more about your robot project! How do you capture the video? How do you control the robot?
  8. onca

    onca Member

    I improved the keyboard considerably:

    • Selectable layout: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY or JCUKEN (Cyrillic)
    • Special characters and numbers by Tap+Hold
    • Numeric pad with arrow keys, additional symbols and smileys
    • Control keys and function keys
    • Simulation of depressed CTRL, ALT and WIN keys (Tab+Hold)
    • Multi touch support for fast typing

    Full changelog

    I hope it works fine on your devices!?
  9. onca

    onca Member


    • German language added
    • Mouse control improved
    • Independent configuration of TCP and UDP ports now possible
    • Help pages updated
  10. onca

    onca Member

    • App is now almost completely usable in landscape orientation (missing control panels will be added with the next update)
    • Hardware Keyboards should now work correctly

    If you have a hardware keyboard please let me know if it works (incl. Ctrl etc.). Thanks! :)
  11. onca

    onca Member

    Many thanks to all Beta testers! :thumb:

    There still is a Beta version (Google Play: TouchRemote BETA) that has newest features and improvements included (but possibly bugs as well). If you wish you can install the release version in parallel (Google Play: TouchRemote - PC Remote).
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  12. onca

    onca Member

    The GUI uses less resources now. If anyone experiences a wrong presentation or anything similar, please let me know!
  13. vandyman

    vandyman Well-Known Member

    This program is a great PC desktop controller.

    I am using it to control my PC media player for out door tunes in the back yard. <<< BBQ and swimming...:D
  14. raminjpr

    raminjpr New Member

    not compatible with motorola xoom which is using Android 4.0.3 ...:( :( so unable to test it out...
  15. espmartin

    espmartin New Member

    Sounds great. I run a dual-boot with Ubuntu Linux & Win 7. Since I'm ALWAYS booted into Linux, I'll try this soon, when I want to "tinker" with Windows.
    I run 5 mods on my HTC Inspire 4g (Android 2.3.5 & 4.04s), so it'll be a good way to test your beta.
  16. onca

    onca Member

    Graphical issues on devices with triple buffering (HTC One serien, Jelly Bean) should not appear anymore. If you still notice any graphical glitches, let me know.

    TouchRemote is not officially compatible with Tablets because the UI is not adjusted to large displays yet. However, you can download the APK file from the website and install it (enable installation from external sources in settings before).
  17. onca

    onca Member

    This version includes scan functionality in local networks and via Bluetooth. Thus in most situations it is not necessary anymore to enter connection data manually. Just push the appropriate scan button (at Settings -> Connection).

    As always bug reports and ideas for improvement are most welcome!
  18. onca

    onca Member

    I overhauled the UI of the PC Software. It is ready for testing now.
    I hope you like it! :)

  19. bekronik

    bekronik New Member

    I can't get it to work on my phone, it never finds any PC running the software, and I've already checked bluethooth is working in both the PCs/Laptops and my smartphone. I hope someone can help me.

    I'm pretty sure it has to be the android app because I can connect with a symbian device, which runs perfect, that's how I know it's a great App.
  20. onca

    onca Member

    Something to test again. :)
    The new version fits on all screens, regardless of their aspect ratio (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Y Pro, Motorola Defy Pro).
    If you find any display issues, let me know.
  21. onca

    onca Member

    Some users requested an option to use the system keyboard to write on the PC.

    Here you go! Enable it in Settings -> Misc.

    I already tested with the stock keyboard (Android 2.1 - 4.2) as well as SwiftKey, SlideIT, GO Keyboard and A.I.type.
    Swype (still in Beta) unfortunately does not work correctly (spaces missing) which is most probably an issue I cannot fix on my side.

    Comments and bug reports are welcome! :)
  22. onca

    onca Member

    If you want to stay informed about ongoing development (independently of beta tests) you can follow me on Twitter: @oncaDevelopment
  23. Hey I'd love to test your app! PM me the information?

    What features do you have in the pipeline?
  24. onca

    onca Member

    Just install the Beta on your phone and enable Beta updates in the PC Software.
    Next feature in pipeline is support for Spotify.
  25. onca

    onca Member

    Current Beta has support for Spotify included. If you find any issues, let me know.

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