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Touchscreen not workingSupport

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  1. linuts01

    linuts01 Member

    All of a sudden the Capacative touch screen on my X8 has started playing up. I cannot use any anything, i even have to remove the battery to restart the phone.

    Once restarted it works for a while, then it will freeze again, I used the repair PC feature of PC Companion, worked for a while ( a couple of hours) then started to freeze again.:mad:

    Any idea on what is causing this.:confused:


  2. Jake-SonyXperia

    Jake-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    This does seem strange, I would suggest clearing out the contents of the memory card (first backup the data to a PC)

    Menu > Settings > SD card & Storage > Format SD card/Erase SD card

    After the above has been performed please download the Update Service and perform a re installation of the phones software.

    Update service - Sony Smartphones (Global UK English)
  3. linuts01

    linuts01 Member

    Did as you suggested, but its still playing up...:mad: Was told by a Telco that the screen needs to be Calibrated because sometimes when you touch an icon it opens something else...:confused:

    Is it possible to get this phone Calibrated..? or just bin it and get a new one. Which i'm loath to do as i quite like the xPeria.

  4. linuts01

    linuts01 Member

    O.K. i have Rooted the phone (SuperOneClick) and managed to install xrecovery, I had to pull the battery to re-boot, went into xrecovery...wiped the cache and did a full factory restore (full wipe), rebooted the phone...worked for a while then froze again :mad:

    I waited for a couple of hours and tried the phone again and it worked (for a while)...:confused: It seems to me that the touch screen is the thing that is freezing it...If i leave the phone alone for a couple of hours then i can unlock it, but if i try to change any settings ( say sounds/display/wifi) it will freeze again.


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