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  1. ModernArrow

    ModernArrow New Member

    I'm interested in using the samsung galaxy note 10.1 as an art tablet.
    However when I tried to use the spen on photoshop touch, the screen read my hand first and messed up my drawing. Is there a fix, technique, or item I can use to stop this issue?

  2. hbryder

    hbryder Well-Known Member

    If you touch with the pen first it usually won't recognize your palm/side of hand. I thought I heard or saw that there are apps that keep it from recognizing your palm but I can't remember which ones? I'll look into it
  3. streetkilln

    streetkilln Well-Known Member

    all i know is that s note has a function that will disable palm reading.
  4. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

  5. billiardsGuy

    billiardsGuy New Member

    This issue of a palm interference with s-pen input is a huge irritation to me. In S-Note there is a setting that prevents the palm from creating marks other from the s-pen that works pretty well but in many apps it is still a big problem. I use AutoDesk's Sketchbook and I find that palm touching will cause the "paper" to move or zoom when I am trying to draw. Each application needs to address this better.

    However, another serious problem I have is that I constantly hit the control buttons at the bottom of the screen (the mini app tray I guess) which results in really awkward writing in trying to avoid touching anything in this area with the heel of my hand. Samsung should have recognized this problem from the get-go and provided a general solution that really works.

    One way would be to allow a general (not application specific) button (and located somewhere on the screen chosen by the user) that would absolutely prevent any other input other than from the s-pen within the application.

    Another way would be to allow all of the controls on the bottom to be placed at the top of the screen (user option).

    Does anyone know of an app that accomplishes either of these solutions? I really would like a general solution to this.
  6. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Why not just turn off auto-rotate and turn it upside down?

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