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  1. simon1b

    simon1b Member

    whenever i am using the android keyboard to text or white emails or whatever sometimes when i press lets say the delete/backspace button, it registers as me pressing the send button. which is very annoying, or when i press a letter below the screen where the text is writing, it moves the cursor to a different spot in the text, thus screwing my message up.

    anyone else having this problem?
    anything i can do to fix it?
    i searched all over my phone and cant find anything to reconfigure the touchscreen.

    thanks for the help

  2. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    I would just say try shutting your phone off and restarting it. Or switch between keyboards and back to the android one again. Might reset things and make it better.
  3. Ez Duzit

    Ez Duzit Active Member

    The virtual keyboard takes some getting used to. You need to be very precise or a nearby key gets pressed instead. You could also try out some of the other keyboards available in the market. Or you could try swype which comes with the phone. To try swype, go into settings. Choose language & keyboard. Then choose, Select input method, and choose swype.

    Google swype or check it out on youtube. It's an easy way to type on a virtual keyboard. Hope this helps.
  4. lorenzo3988

    lorenzo3988 Member

    Hi,I have an opti V and I too have similar problems.I change my android keyboard to the iphone keyboard hoping it'll help,NOT! If i press "c",it',ll be V or D and its annoying to have to proofread EVERYTHING. But I guess its just the handsets.Mass produced.Still a good phone.
  5. Ez Duzit

    Ez Duzit Active Member

    That's just part of using a phone to txt. I moved up to a Galaxy GS3 and I still proofread all my txts before sending. Some people don't give a crap and just hit the send button.

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