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  1. Matt-Hull

    Matt-Hull New Member

    Has anyone else experienced problems with theit touchscreen when it just stopped working? Woke up this morning with touchscreen not working, none of my buttons are working so i can't even unlock my phone? Have i accidently triggered something?

    If anyone can offer help or advice it's be much appreciated.


  2. xo0ox94

    xo0ox94 Active Member

    Not really.
    Sounds like its turned off :)
  3. crazydip

    crazydip Active Member

    My touchscreen stopped working once or twice, but the physical buttons always worked. Touchscreen "stopped" but it was only when my hands were very cold (winter) BUT I think the newest updated fixed this issue.
  4. xperia_mini

    xperia_mini Member

    You may have bricked it. Best thing to do is take it to a phone shop.

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