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  1. cuteseal

    cuteseal Member

    Hey all,

    Has anyone had any problems with their touchscreen not responding occasionally? I've only had my X10 mini pro for a day and it's done it like 4 times already.

    I don't seem to see a pattern to when it occurs - usually it's after you wake it up from sleep, and the touchscreen doesn't respond anymore. hardware buttons and the keyboard works, but not the touchscreen.

    I've been using the power button + keyboard to shutdown and restart the phone as a workaround but it's getting kinda annoying.


  2. vancal

    vancal New Member

    I've got the same problem and no solution yet!
    Please let me know if you find something about that..
  3. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    Is it the whole screen or part of it? I've had two problems; sometimes I can't press easily at the bottom of the screen.

    The other is the touchscreen not working at all, but needing a reset. However, this wasn't the X10 mini pro, but the HTC Magic (on Android 1.5) which makes me wonder if it's an OS problem - something to do with coming out of sleep/standby.

    It's a rare problem but one that might happen for a single purpose, and you've each got a similar setup and suffer it regularly while others don't suffer it at all.

    Sorry I can't actually help solve the problem, but it might give some pointers on how to get it fixed (or 2.1 may do so).
  4. cuteseal

    cuteseal Member

    Hey guys, glad I'm not the only one. It's the whole touchscreen that's not responding. It's quite weird - I find that when I put the phone down on a flat surface - e.g. desk at work and then come back to it about 30 mins or an hour later, the phone turns on but doesn't respond to touchscreen presses. I find it happens as well when I put it on my bedside, and wake up the next morning.

    I have to restart the phone again, and then it works normally. If the phone is off for just for a short period, like a few minutes in my pocket, I find I have no problems.

    To me it sounds like a software problem but (1) I have done a factory reset multiple times, and even not changing any settings whatsoever, no SIM card in even - the problem keeps occurring. Also (2) if it's the software, then how come not more people are affected by it / complaining about it?

    I have tried to do a software update, but it says it's the latest version.

    More info if it helps:

    Model: U20i
    Firmware version: 1.6
    Kernel version: SEMCUser@SEMCHost #1
    Build number: 1.1.A.0.8

    Appreciate any further tips!
  5. spatuluk

    spatuluk Well-Known Member

    It shouldn't be freezing after a factory reset and nothing else going on.. Have you installed any apps? Is GPS turned on? Have you set up WiFi or an email address?

    It sounds like it might be a faulty touchscreen, as mine's never locked up like that (had it about 3 weeks now). Mine does get a bit slow waking up, sometimes, but the screen starts responding after a couple of seconds. I think it might be JuiceDefender reactivating 3G, and all the programs waking up and trying to send and receive their data.
  6. cuteseal

    cuteseal Member

    Hey thanks for the reply.

    Yes, even if I do a factory data reset, with the SIM card out, and don't change any settings, it still occurs. (i.e. everything is as if I had just taking it out of the box)

    Anyway, I'm returning my unit for a replacement. Wish me luck!
  7. gadgetjunkie

    gadgetjunkie New Member

    Hmmm. I'll be interested to hear your experience once you get a replacement. Mine does exactly the same thing.
  8. cuteseal

    cuteseal Member

    Hmm so apparently at least 3 people have this issue so far. Just wondering where everyone purchased theirs from? I wonder if it's a bad batch or something.

    Those with problems - what are you doing to get around it? Are you just putting up with it and doing a reset each time?

    I bought mine from ebay - I think the seller was from Hong Kong. Hope I don't get a dodgy replacement...
  9. davidking

    davidking New Member

    Hi there

    Has anyone managed to resolve this? I've had my phone for 3 weeks now and the freezing thing is getting quite irritating now. It doesn't seem to freeze during work hours, but it bloody hopeless outside of work. I have tried everything with the settings.
  10. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

  11. grape

    grape Member

    I've had the problem that the lower part of the screen, specifically the X in the right corner with the keyboard folded out, to close the "language input bar", often is incredibly annoying to hit properly.

    It does not appear to be a problem with the hardware... if I load for instance a paint application response is great in that corner. As is the mainscreen button on the lower left if I hold it in vertical mode.

    Very weird...
  12. droidmasterkk

    droidmasterkk New Member

    Registering McAfee or uninstalling it would solve ur Touch Screen Problem on Sony Ericsson Xperia.
  13. bigamzz

    bigamzz New Member

    Does anybody have the problem where they touch the screen and it only pulls the top info bar down?
  14. Mamun Rahman

    Mamun Rahman New Member

    Hey, touch screen is not working on some area like top right, left corner & middle sometimes. i had restored factory setting but no improvement. i have purchased a month back & troubleshooting from last couple of days. could you pls advise me what i should do to get rid. also notification bar on the top is not working.
  15. CarlyleZ

    CarlyleZ New Member


    i have the same problem. but my phone is a Xperia Ray
    the touch screen seems not responding to my finger touches when typing a message, url, tel no etc. if i stay for about 5sec and click it then one letter gets typed. but when i try to type a lot of letters in a normal speed some of the letters dnt get typed. i have been using this phone for about 8 months. I run ICS
    I tried resetting the phone, offing and oning, shaking the phone can any of you guys help me on this????

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