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  1. incomeraise

    incomeraise Active Member

    just a quick question, lets say i buy the epic, i know it uses touchwiz2.5..
    So if we are able to take it off when i root it) what will it tourn out to be like?
    will it then use the evo one i dont really get how its going to be or what will it turn out like...
    i understdand i might be slow when it comes to it, but it doesn't hurt to ask right?

  2. Othan1

    Othan1 Well-Known Member

    You don't have to wait to root it to remove TW. Just install Launcher Pro or another home screen replacement on it.
  3. incomeraise

    incomeraise Active Member

    ok and what di u get out of it?
    whats the difference, maybe i dont really get what s the problem with touch wix=z, but i see that people complain about it? any reasons why?
  4. Othan1

    Othan1 Well-Known Member


    Dunno. I won't use it only because I like Launcher Pro. I don't know enough about TW to compare the two, but here's their website: LauncherPro
  5. incomeraise

    incomeraise Active Member

    thanks...well in that case i dont understand why people are complaining so much about touch wiz, if u can actually tAke it off...weird
  6. infamousjax

    infamousjax Well-Known Member

    You can't just 'take it off'. TouchWiz is integrated into the Android OS and is more than just a launcher. Even with LauncherPro installed, there will still be traces of TW everywhere. From the settings menu, to the notification bar, and even inside the source code. I'm not sure if it's built-in to the kernel like Sense is, but I'm willing to bet it's going to be a tad difficult to fully remove it.
  7. Othan1

    Othan1 Well-Known Member


    Okay. Nobody except those who have one know for sure, I guess. I dunno. I've just seen reviews that state if you don't like TW, install a home replacement. So...we'll all find out for sure on Tuesday I guess.
  8. jersey221

    jersey221 Well-Known Member

    people dont like skins like tw or sense because it takes longer for them to come out with updates.

    and i dont think tw is as integrated as sense.
  9. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    rooted sure you can. there are Sense-less ROMs all over the place on xda. and if TW is less integrated into the device than Sense, it'll be a piece 'o cake.
  10. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    I actually love this fact. The extra touchwiz features you listed coupled with the Launcher pro home makes for a very nice combo. I still have the benefits of touchwiz while adding the goodness of Launcher Pro to my home :)
  11. infamousjax

    infamousjax Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that a "Sense-less" ROM still has Sense. All they've done is deleted the launcher, and some of the Sense .apks. It's still in the framework. The only ROM completely free of Sense is CyanogenMOD.

    That being said, TW doesn't go as deep as Sense (I don't think), so hopefully it can be fully uninstalled with ease once your rooted.
  12. infamousjax

    infamousjax Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Since TW isn't much of a resource hog, just those cool small footprint features such as the toggles in the notification window and the settings will be the same combined with LauncherPro will be a win for sure!
  13. rasstar

    rasstar Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't see what the fuss about touchwiz is about. If anything I like it a lot compared to how ugly the standard Android UI is. I like that dock.
  14. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Well-Known Member

    I think the things you can do with TouchWiz 3.0 is better than Sense, but since it's newer it might not run as smooth as Sense, but defintitely gonna miss the Samsung Music Player, Rearranging apps, Rearranging home screens, Lock screen, etc.
  15. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    that is not true. there are other ROMs completely free of Sense...yes.
    taking out the launcher and the Sense apks is what Sense is lol.
    if there are no Sense apks or launcher, then what else is left on the phone that is "Sense"?
  16. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    this is why android platform is so cool. even for those who has no inclination of rooting or using a different launcher. just knowing that it can be done with little to no knowledge is a great plus of getting an android device.

    i really hope the carriers and manufacturers of these devices do not try too hard to lock them down because they would drive a lot of people away right off the bat.
  17. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    As a Captivate (AT&T) owner, I can that Touchwiz 3.0 is really pretty nifty, actually. The homescreen portion is OK, I think some of the widgets that Samsung include with it slow it down a bit because it's very fast once you remove them - but most seem to use LauncherPro (or ADW) anyway.

    But beyond the home screen, Touchwiz seems to bring a lot of really nice little improvements. I don't really care for the shortcuts in the contact book (swipe one way on a contact's name to call, swipe the other to text) but others might. The notification bar is really nice, with not only the toggles, but also music controls for the Samsung music player in the pull down and also the ability to adjust your brightness by swiping on the notification bar - this last one is really awesome, and I hope to see the developers community integrate some of these features in to the 3rd party ROMs.

    I have to admit that I haven't used a Stock Android firmware yet, so there may be more features that I missed, as I'm just mentioning the features I've either seen Samsung reps and tech blog reviewers point out in the videos for the Galaxy S tours/reviews, or features that I've seen users of other phones trying to emulate in their ROMs.
  18. jersey221

    jersey221 Well-Known Member

    the thing that sucks is that we get touch wiz 2.5 not 3.0 so we only get a few of the really nice things no samsung music player no puzzle piece thing in the lock screen but we should get it soon enough.
  19. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    Really? That's a bummer. I can't imagine why they would do that... I guess to get the phone out the door sooner, but really...
  20. Mistiq

    Mistiq Well-Known Member

    I read that they are using 2.5 due to the fact that it's able to rotate (the dock?) into landscape mode, apparently when you're using the Keyboard I suppose. I don't think Touchwiz 3.0 rotates the dock but I could be wrong
  21. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    Just tried, doesn't seem to be able to. Kind of odd.
  22. Mistiq

    Mistiq Well-Known Member

    You tried to rotate the dock with the epic and it didn't work?
  23. tx_brandon

    tx_brandon Well-Known Member

    I dont get the fuss over TouchWiz. I think some people get obsessed with customizing and in the end dont gain any functionality beyond what's available with customizing within the stock custom options.
  24. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    Do people understand Sense, TouchWiz and Blur are more than just launchers and menu options. It's the blanket term for all the little improvements that are made.

    In Sense....The nice clean black text on white background in the email and messaging app not to mention the improvement to those apps in general, though Sense loses the integrated inbox...dumb.

    In TouchWiz you have those stupid colored background to the icons in the status bar, dismissing a call with a text message, the radio toggles at the top of the notification drop down. the dismiss/txt msg and radio toggles are two pretty sweet features. I haven't had the dismiss feature since PalmOS. And the radio toggles is reminiscent of the toggles in the drop down menus of webOS and replaces SwitchPro Widget which I'm sorry I paid for now.

    I haven't really found a list on either front that just spells out every little improvement over stock android. I miss Sense's email and msging app, but I like the integrated inbox of stock android, yet I hate the white text on black background. I like the better imap folder support in Sense. It's non-existent in stock android.

    Stock android really stinks in overall functionality. It's more of a glorified feature phone OS, at least it feels that way coming from using mature smartphone OS's for so long. And it's a shame at this point, none of the skins really get it. Sense tries but still comes up short. I wish google would get it. I'm tired of gmail being a separate app for email. I don't want to have to download apps just because I don't like how a stock app is colored. That's just ridiculous.
  25. UniqueNate

    UniqueNate Well-Known Member

    Yea I don't think TouchWiz is really all that bad. It's new and different.
    If you don't like it you can go to manage applications and click menu and click filter. Then scroll down until you see TWLauncher and clear as default.
    There you have it stock android. It doesn't have the same dock as the nexus but it's stock.

    If anything like most people said just use launcher pro. Very simple and gets the job done.
    I just personally want to root it so somebody can then confirm or see if the 'lag fix' method can also be applied to the Epic so I and everyone else that has one can be in the 2000+ range on the quadrant charts. That boost the phones functions in every way.
    Basically all I want is speed.
    If the fix could be done without a root then I would of done so but other then that you need to root for it.
    It runs just fine out the box and already snappy but to make it faster is even better.

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