TouchWiz's Safe Sound with Tasker

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  1. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    this is in regard to the message...

    "To lower your risk of hearing damage, do not listen at high volumes for long periods."

    for example, once you plug in headphones, TouchWiz will automatically set your media volume pretty low, and you would have to manually increase the media volume.

    then if you unplug your headphones and immediately plug it back in, TouchWiz will again automatically lower the media volume.

    with that in mind, i use my phone in my car via the AUX cable. because of this, i want the media volume all the way up so i could then use my car's volume setting. (my car also has bluetooth, but it only works for calls)

    i have a Tasker profile that when it detects connection with my car's bluetooth, to set the volume to max.

    however, if for some reason the bluetooth connection is lost later on, the media volume is then reverted to the low setting as if i just plugged into the headphone jack.

    (or a specific case would be when i'm at home, i have another Tasker profile that if connected to Wi-Fi, to disable bluetooth. so when i'm in my driveway about to leave, or just coming home, bluetooth will turn off, and the media volume will lower)

    i can't figure out why it does that.

    it's not like the media volume is a toggle. once the media volume is set, it's set, right?

  2. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    Any settings that are adjusted in the enter task of a state-based profile are reverted when the profile exits. Tasker thinks that if you want the setting during the period when the state is satisfied, you must not want it when the state is no longer in effect.

    You can work around it by calling another task from the enter task, and setting the volume in that other task....then it won't revert when the profile exits.
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  3. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    i'm going to try what you suggested, but i just noticed a few things.

    as i mentioned, i have a profile that disables Bluetooth when connected to WiFi, when i don't have WiFi, Bluetooth does not toggle back to enable. now i'm assuming this is because Bluetooth actually has a toggle ability? unlike volume?

    and also, i had plugged in the AUX cable from car to phone, before Bluetooth was enabled on my phone. i manually set the volume to max, and started playing music. then i enabled Bluetooth on the phone, and the Tasker profile kicked in. but since i still close to home, it detected my WiFi, turned off Bluetooth, and the media volume reverted back down.
  4. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    OK. Just to clarify the details some more: put the volume adjustment in a separate task. Use Perform Task to call that separate task. Sorry if you're already ahead of me on that.

    Bluetooth and Volume are both "settings". You can tell that because Tasker puts a gear symbol on the action. Non-setting actions have a lightning bolt symbol instead of a gear. The reason Tasker wants to tell us whether it's a setting or not is so we'll know whether it will revert or not.

    If you have a profile that sets Bluetooth and it's not reverting, if may have to do with the context that you use to trigger that profile. I'll bet your context includes an event (vs state). Settings made after an event context fires are not reverted, while settings made during a state context are reverted upon exit. If you think about it, it's very logical to revert upon exit from a state (which has a well-defined start time and end time). In contrast an event only has one time... there is no end time or exit.
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  5. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    i ended up making the separate Task, then call it with the Profile. and so far so good.

    with this in mind, i will prolly readjust some of my Profiles to be more streamlined like this.

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