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  1. OpusP

    OpusP Member

    'Vanilla' setup on my EVO with 2.2..... Using the built in Exchange platform I am unable to listen to attachments sent to me vie our avaya voicemail system... works on the blackberry though... am fairly certain it's something related the file type not possibly being recognized by the media player...??? Same thing on a co-workers droid....

  2. Wadester

    Wadester Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem. I'm pretty disappointed Android 2.2 doesn't support the specific WAV codec natively but BlackBerry's and iPhones do. I had the same problem with my old Windows Mobile phone as well.

    Someone recommended Remove Wave from the Market. I think it's $2.99 but it integrates with the Mail client and works very well.
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  3. OpusP

    OpusP Member

    Remove Wave it is if it works... Thanks a bunch Wadester:)
    Actually what I really should do is have my work number just forward to my g voice number and then have gvoice call my evo:)
    Now we are getting wacky escpecially if I'm on 4g or wifi??? hahaha
    I swear Sprint should be paying me to be a test candidate!!!!

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