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  1. jonoross949

    jonoross949 Active Member

    another quick question :D how tough is the material used to make casing of the phone, the aluminium and the plastic? have any of you gotten any scratches on it already? when i get it, i dont plan to get a case of cover because its already pretty bulky and the case would just make it a brick, i plan to get a screen protecter though :)


  2. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I have mine for 3 1/2 weeks now. So far, twice it fell out of my car mount and fell onto the gear shift area between the two front seats. I could not see any scratches as a result of those falls. (By the way, I have since modified my car mount so it keeps the phone in place now.)

    I generally keep it in my Roots holster and bring it in and out a lot throughout the day. The only marks on it are more of the result of stuff rubbing off the inside of my holster. The non-metal part of the phone around the sides and back feel rubbery so as to not slip out of your hands. The stuff that rubs off the inside of my holster deposits on this rubbery parts of the phone creating marks. That's about it. If you do not use a case or holster, you may not have this issue unless stuff on the inside of your pockets rub off.
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  3. jonoross949

    jonoross949 Active Member

    oh right, thanks :) i dropped my wildfire for the first time and something happened to the screen, it didnt crack or scratch, theres 3 groups of black clusters on the screen, i think their called dead or loose pixels? but yeah, i dropped it from about 1 metre and it had a rubber protective case on it, i wasnt impressed :/ and i really dont want that to happen again.. by the way, does warranty cover that?

  4. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure about the warranty. I don't read all of the fine print on the warranty. It's rather dry reading. I'm sure you can find some link to the warranty document somewhere. You can also ask your carrier/phone store to be sure.

    A drop of one meter causing that defect while in a case should be survivable most of the time. It's too bad it caused such defects. So far, I haven't had such a big drop with my Desire Z. The distance from the car mount onto the gear shift area is only about half a meter or less and that area is not really rock hard. I try to be very careful with my Desire Z.

    With my previous phone (Nokia N97), I have dropped it from 1.5 meters onto a tile floor with no case. It broke into 3 pieces and I was horrified at first. Then I realised that two of the three pieces were the back cover and battery. I put it back and it works fine with no issues. I am not going to try this with my Desire Z. Had enough of a scare already.
  5. jonoross949

    jonoross949 Active Member

    is the screen glass or plastic?
  6. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

  7. jonoross949

    jonoross949 Active Member

    oh right, i was watching a review of the G2 and some guy said it was plastic :)

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