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  1. rault18

    rault18 Well-Known Member

    I ve been in the market for cases for my new galaxy nexus and got my hands on a couple diztronic ones and I posted the reviews on the correct forum however I couldn't leave my lovely s2 without one so I got one as well and reviewed it specially because I've seen people talking about it due its misalignment with some of the necessary hardware part. I made this video so you guys can check it and make your own decision ..

    Pd.- I am in no way associated with Diztronic or any of its affiliates .Im just a phone junkie that started reviewing cases so people get a look before spending their money. Mods if I am breaking any rules please let me know

    Enjoy and hope this helps
    Galaxy s2 TPU case Diztronic - YouTube

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  2. jaydubb2k5

    jaydubb2k5 New Member

    Waiting on my S2 to ship. Just ordered this case.
  3. rault18

    rault18 Well-Known Member

    sweet!! The phone is awesome and the case complements it!

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