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  1. zuba

    zuba New Member

    Does anyone have a clue why the TracFone

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Any clue as to any commonality with what it works with and what it doesn't work with? That would go a long way toward solving the problem. IOW, if it doesn't work on Samsung phones, or it doesn't work on Android 4.x, etc. If it doesn't work on some Centuras, but it works on other Centuras, and there's no noted production difference, the app might be using some undocumented hook the developer found in his phone that doesn't exist in all of them (which should never be done).
  3. rlg118

    rlg118 Member

    I've been a Tracfone user for years, so when they finally offered an Android phone, I was thrilled. The screen could be bigger, but eventually they will get around to offering something larger.

    My wife and I both have the Centura. The My Account app works perfectly on hers, but not on mine. The problem is the numbers in the text message. (The numbers in the widget are fine.)

    This is what I currently show:

    (Widget) 3458 MIN, 3403 TEXT, 1488.7 DATA MB

    (Text) "Your Remaining Balance is: 3458 Minutes. 1524441 Text Messages. 3.32 Mb of Data"

    Well, if I take the "data" balance shown in the text and multiply it by 1024, it gives me the text number shown in the widget. And if I take the "text message" number and divide it by 1024, it gives me the data number (not exact, but close)!

    They wanted to reset my phone. (No way.)
  4. LoveToSail

    LoveToSail Member

    My widget simply won't update (well, rarely does). I have no clue why...........

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