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Trackball Alert vs Light Flow

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  1. Ngo93

    Ngo93 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone seen if either 1 of these apps pulls ahead of the other? Really just looking to see which is the best 1 overall between the 2 since I'm picking up my Nexus in a few.

  2. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    Trackball Alert requires special framework, Light Flow works on anything.
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  3. andrewpmoore

    andrewpmoore Well-Known Member

    I would vote for light flow, but I feel i may be a little biased given i'm the developer!
    Trackball alert was my inspiration for light flow, but i wanted stock roms, so bought a book, (never used it) and learnt to develop for android!
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  4. Ngo93

    Ngo93 Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for the Light Flow app! I am currently using it right now and it works like a charm ^^
    Tiny suggestion though if I may, will there be an update that lets us control how long the intervals are between the flashing of the trackball? Like setting it to 4 seconds in between or 7 and such.
  5. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    Man that would be awesome...One app I DL'ed, the dev. told me the controls for interval were too deep into the phone for a simple non rooted [jone.
    Sumtin like that...
  6. andrewpmoore

    andrewpmoore Well-Known Member

    Do you mean the flash speed? There's currently fast / slow and always on.

    Slow is the default android uses, fast is the default for the app. Always on doesn't work on the nexus one.

    Code wise I can set the length of time the light should be on and the amount it should be off, but with the nexus one it seems to pretty much ignore most of the settings.

    If you do mean the flash speed, then I'll try have another play with it for some longer gaps. I was looking more for faster flashing than slower flashing, so longer pauses may be possible.
  7. Ngo93

    Ngo93 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I meant the flash speed. Like will you be putting an option for us to directly set how many seconds are inbetween each flash? Like I was hoping for a speed about in the middle of the slow and fast setting.
  8. andrewpmoore

    andrewpmoore Well-Known Member

    I'll take a look. Might just add a middle speed first as that will be quick and easy if it works.
  9. Ngo93

    Ngo93 Well-Known Member

    Ah thank you very much for hearing me out with my suggestions ^^
  10. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    I downloaded it just to set the TB to red or blue for texts and voicemails..
    SO far with the texts it is awesome, best TB alert app I've used.
    the blink frequency is pretty darn good for me. 4 seconds? something better than the 7-8 seconds another app had.
    Seems frequent enough to work when I am glancing over. before I had to glance and stare a long while...
    Whats the paid version get?
    it sure wasnt much $$....Think I will pay the price!!
  11. andrewpmoore

    andrewpmoore Well-Known Member

    I bit late back to this, forgot to subscribe to e-mail notifications.
    The paid for version gets much faster changes between succession colors and about another 20 apps that are supported.
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  12. minibee041

    minibee041 Active Member

    Thanks andrewpmoore for this great app, I set it all up about two weeks ago and the latest updates add extra functionality so cheers. If you add any more supported apps can I give a request for colornote please. Only one i've not got set up and I use alot. The pro version is excellent cheers again
  13. andrewpmoore

    andrewpmoore Well-Known Member

    I've added ColorNote to my list to add.
  14. volsey

    volsey Member

    Just a thank you to Andrew, great app!

    I always thought root access was required for such accessibility.
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  15. cumonthepaj

    cumonthepaj New Member

    Firstly, I have to say Light Flow definitely gets my vote. It has been the missing link I have been after. I have been using XLsms as my standard messaging app purely because of the integration of sending cheap international texts. But its notification features are pretty basic which is why I use Light Flow. The only thing I can't work out is turning the flash led after a message has been read.
  16. andrewpmoore

    andrewpmoore Well-Known Member

    It won't switch off at the moment because it's not an app i monitor for (switching on sms is done differently)
    The good news is after seeing this post i've just added xlsms to the supported apps for the next release.
  17. phlojo

    phlojo Well-Known Member

    I've been using light flow for a while and I'm quite happy with it. I used Missed Call before that, but Missed Call only worked with calls and texts; this one works with others (Gmail, Calendar, etc.)

    An excellent app for the N1!

    PS: I had the option to switch my N1 with my wife's Deside HD, but I kept my N1 and the main reason is the trackball.
  18. andrewpmoore

    andrewpmoore Well-Known Member

    Thanks. My wife also has a Desire HD and I wouldn't have it because off the missing trackball. The problem is, I don't see any phones coming along that have what I want. Motorola phones and Sony are supported pretty well for notification lights with LightFlow, but I also love the car dock and desktop dock for the N1.
  19. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    its nearly awesome, but on my Galaxy Nexus it's almost constantly flashing green even when there are no notifications. which is pretty annoying.
  20. andrewpmoore

    andrewpmoore Well-Known Member

    Try adding the debug widget to see what notification is causing the issue.my guess would be gtalk if you use it. I've got a fix coming for that on the galaxy nexus.
  21. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    Andrew, can you PM me a direct paypal addy. Ive been using this for free long enough!
    I would go through the market but (A) I dont have data so, I sporadically use WiFi. (B) am not even sure how to pay on the market when I am on WiFi.
    So I'd like to toss some $$ to you for this app!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tony Skv
  22. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    Quite right, the debug widget shows it as Google Talk.

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