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  1. AAlswidi

    AAlswidi New Member

    Hello friends,
    I have 2 questions about mobile samsung tracker:
    1- After putting another SIM on the mobile, shall internet be available
    on the mobile in order to be able to send message
    to the recepient or not?
    2- Shall mobile tracker be on or not?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    welcome to Android Forums! :D

    1. yes (mobile data or wifi speaking)
    2. i don't seem to get you on the mobile tracking thing.. did you mean an app?

    -hit like if this helped you :D
  3. AAlswidi

    AAlswidi New Member

    Great thanks and alot!
    I mean by question 2, shall the mobile tracker be on(enabling it from its settings) in order to receive SMS in case of putting another SIM in it?

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