Tracking Droid Software and Hardware Problems

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  1. Watashi

    Watashi Well-Known Member

    41/09 No problems.

  2. Phoenixdroid

    Phoenixdroid Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I only thought mine had the one little glitch......check over at the Motorola Forums, something has been happening, look up the thread about auto rotate and let me know if yours is still working correctly. Mine was until tonight when I think mine has been receiving signals from some where........
  3. The HITMAN

    The HITMAN Well-Known Member

    Mine is 39/09 and working 100% perfectly...
  4. HardCache

    HardCache Well-Known Member

    I have a 4109 model, and I haven't really had any problems. There is a little bit of lag on the virtual keyboard, but I think that is a software issue and not a problem with the hardware. I also think that if they ever decide to upgrade and support multitouch for it, like the milestone, that it's responsivness would significantly improve.
  5. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    42/09 here with no trouble at all.
  6. smegoul

    smegoul Active Member

    The only thing I ran into was the home page landscape vs portrait issue/feature. :)
  7. zhou

    zhou New Member

    So the Droid is an awesome phone, and I've been watiching it for a few months before I picked it up last Sunday, in fact I'm on it right now, my only concern is that I may have a lemon.....? It freezes and reboots about 4 times a day so far, and when I plug it into either my car or my friend's car there will be a horrible clicking sound in the left speaker when playing music.. I've tried Google'ing the problem, but it's to no avail. Has anyone else had these problems?
  8. fireshaper

    fireshaper Well-Known Member

    Definitely bring it back to Verizon and get a replacement. It's not supposed to do either of those things. You are still within your 14 days to return it and get a replacement.
  9. NoSenseWorrying

    NoSenseWorrying Well-Known Member

    Mine seems to click when I play music through my car stereo and the volume on the phone itself is maxed out. If I turn it down the periodic clicking goes away -- not sure if that's normal or not...
  10. Laakin

    Laakin New Member

    I'm trading mine in today. My ability to receive and send email is spotty. I have to delete my email account every day and reinstall it. Plus, every day there is a period of about 2 or 3 hours where I can't get any email at all. Also, the incoming email settings do not stick, I'm constantly having to go back and change them again and again. It's making me HATE this phone.
  11. zhou

    zhou New Member

    Thank you, I guess I just needed someone to tell me I need a replacement, lol. It's hard breaking away from this phone, haha. But ya, with the sound that's exactly what I'm experiencing too! I don't know if that a problem with a few batches, or just ours "NoSenseWorrying", regardless I plan on getting a replacement, and maybe you should too just incase it's ahardware thing.
  12. ajm144k

    ajm144k Well-Known Member

    fyi, the homescreen is not supposed to autorotate. if thats what you were referring to.

    oh, and i cant believe the title of this thread? full of lemons? i dont know about that... this thread needs to get buried.
  13. NoSenseWorrying

    NoSenseWorrying Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to think I may need to -- I've also had some trouble trying to sync music to my phone as well. Both my phone and laptop end up freezing and I can't unmount the mass storage :(

    aka NoSenseWorrying :)
  14. Hellspawn

    Hellspawn Member

    39/09 here, no rebooting, no freezing, but my external speaker did get "stuck"? yesterday where the audio was only coming out of the ear piece, a simple power cycle fixed it.

    not sure if thats worth returning it or not, or if it was a hardware or software glitch

    ive had mine since friday and have had virtually no issues whatsoever
  15. Phoenixdroid

    Phoenixdroid Well-Known Member

    Yes it does. If your is not then there is something wrong with the software. Mine auto rotated on the lock screen, the home screen on the contacts, on search from the home screen, all without pulling out the keyboard. I know mine did this, now it does not.

    Check the forums over at Motorola under droid, there are plenty of other people saying the same thing.
  16. droidchick

    droidchick New Member

    Hi all, I really love my new Droid, but I too am having issues with it freezing up and kicking me out of my sessions. The Motorola "bat" does pop up on the screen, so is it best to return my phone and get a replacement???? :confused:

    If so...bummer, I just shelled out $20.00 for a screen protector. :mad:
  17. urville

    urville New Member

    40/09 here and no issues. Well, my invisisble shield took an extra day to get here, heh, and i actually for the first time ever and numerous (over 45) phones, I actually have one I like and can smile about.

    but I'll be sure to chime in if anything crops up. EDIT: oops, spoke too soon!!
    I cant save email attachments, at all! This may be more user error than phone. But as far as I have tried there is no option but to open, which lets me view or hear the attachment and then boots me right back to the email. no option to save.

    I believe I read somewhere that was a software change of some sort...
    I'll try to find it. Mine rotates but not on certain pages, I'm sure thats software though, due to it only being certain pages and the fact that the phone sensing if it's next to my ear or not works beautifully. If it were hardware, I doubt those other features would work and that it would only happen on specific pages/things.
  18. scheng12

    scheng12 Well-Known Member

    42/09 and no problems as of yet. The battery is running phenomenally as well.
  19. Yugami

    Yugami Active Member

    You can't have media volume at max. Turn it down at least one notch.
  20. jojo69

    jojo69 Member

    I wanted you'al opinion:

    the only glitch I have had is one day after using it quite a bit, I plugged it in outlet to charge and for some reason, the "droid" voice was stuck. I rebooted and it was fine.
    I checked and mine is a 4109. Earlier on, I downloade the dockrunner app but did not click on it on the notification screen, but cleared it instead. I was not able to find the app in the app tab until I rebooted the droid... that's about all that has happened so far.

    Would you say this is worth exchanging or just regular software glitches that occur in any gadgets!?

  21. yasuro

    yasuro Active Member

    seems like a lot of glitches. could be built-in memory problems. i'd exchange it.
  22. jojo69

    jojo69 Member

    I just talked to VZW rep who confirmed that the phone is under warranty for a year. So if glitches persist, then I will exchange it, but I think that at this point in time, It;s not enough hardware issues on mine to warrant finding the time to go to the store and re-do my whole custom setup ;)
  23. Robobandit

    Robobandit Well-Known Member

    42/09 here.. no problems.
  24. tailwheel

    tailwheel Member

    If your Droid is rebooting and/or freezing, return it to vzn. I had one that was rebooting, with no apparent reason at all, several times a day. I brought it back and had it replaced, no questions asked. I have had NO rebooting issues with my replacement Droid. It must be a hardware problem. I think mine is 4009 but don't know what the old one was.
  25. AllDroid

    AllDroid Well-Known Member

    I checked the Mototola web site and I called a Motorola Rep at 1-800-734-5870. That is their Android support number. Both State that the phone is not supposed to rotate on the home screen and contacts unless the keyboard is pulled out or the phone is placed in the car or home docking station. The docking stations have a magnet in them and when applied to the back of the phone the phone will go into horizontal screen mode. If you think it once did and now doesn't be glad your phone is now working properly. The power of suggestion is great. If you are having a problem then get real help if not don't let someone else make you think you are. :rolleyes:

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