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Tracking Droid Software and Hardware Problems

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  1. FireChief

    FireChief Well-Known Member

    UPDATE on FireChief's Droid: I exchanged my "acting up" Droid for a new one..

    Verizon reps asked no questions once I told them what it was doing..

    (re-booting, lagging, force-closing, etc)..

    They changed it out in about 10 mins.. I was out the door with my new one..

    The new one has not presented any of the problems the other was having, EXCEPT one time it wouldn't "let" me answer a call.. I tried 'sliding' the green answer button to answer, but NO response..

    Awesome phone.

  2. lobe50

    lobe50 Well-Known Member

    Good to know. What is the build date of your new one?
    Behind the battery is a sticker with a week and year code.
    for instance mine is 39/09
  3. ajm144k

    ajm144k Well-Known Member

    just for your info, the homescreen is NOT the lock screen, contacts app, and search.

    the homescreen is the 3 screens you can customize with widgets and icons. it will not autorotate (out of the box).
  4. Droidin

    Droidin Active Member

    It looks like the earliest Mfg code is 39/09 so far and the latest is 42/09.

    From the responses so far, there seems to be no clear correlation between date code and problems.
  5. CookieMomster

    CookieMomster Well-Known Member

    Hi. Someone may have answered you already, but download a file manager app. I am currently trying OI.
  6. FireChief

    FireChief Well-Known Member

    Build date of my new(er) Droid is 40/09.

    Didn't look at the build date of the one I gave back...
  7. thebarbrr

    thebarbrr Well-Known Member

    OK SO MY DROID auto rotated STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!! On the home screen, contacts, and phone calls. YES the homescreen with widgets, apps, and 3 screens!!!

    Still have the phone but it kept rebooting so i ordered a replacement with vzw and got it today. My new one does NOT auto rotate!!!???? on any of the screens mentioned above!! man damn motorola!!! Heard it was a feature on the pre-release software from moto forums rep in their forums. Said may be availbale in the first update but that was not supposed to be on any droids. So some ppl might have pre release software?
  8. Wakey

    Wakey Well-Known Member

    found this elsewhere..

  9. chetum

    chetum New Member

    i got the 43/09 and sw runs good no freezing yet..
    but wat i dose have is that the cam makes noise now
    when it focus and i dont get the green corners.
    Is this clicking noise normal i had the pro
    and ever made noise when i focused
  10. ManDroid45

    ManDroid45 Member

    As far as I can tell, there is no specific lot or serial batch with problems. When I contacted Motorola, they said that their early numbers were a little higher than usual for returns ona new product, but that it was not due to any specific lot being "bugged."

    So take that how you may.

    ***link removed***
  11. CSSVT

    CSSVT Member

    Your first issue is software related. I'm assuming you never had a Storm1? The original storm could barely use a keyboard online due to lag but by the time I switched the the Droid it was almost as fast as typing a text message.

    Your second issue is likely software related too but even if it's hardware it likely won't be fixed with a replacement since all of them are pretty bad.

    I would chalk the return date up to being the fact that it's a majorly pushed touchscreen devices. I've found that people jumping onto the touch screen bandwagon either love it or hate it and the older generation (not all, but a good portion) really seem to be against it more so. It's just one of those things that comes with the territory so to speak...not cus of device quality (if you ask me) but rather because of the nature of the features.

    If you make a big time jump like this and then say "eh, touch screen really isn't for me" you're obviously gonna return it.
  12. redwing26

    redwing26 Member

    43/09 batch - problem

    I haven't seen mine mentioned yet, so here's mine - When I would call someone, they kept telling me THEIR voice echoed back to them, happened with everyone I called, and they all had different providers (mine voice would not echo, but they said their voiced echoed back to them - I couldn't hear the echo at all)

    Went to Verizon and they exchanged it for me - Although now I have a 39/09 - So we'll see how this one goes -
  13. redwing26

    redwing26 Member

    Just to add - my 43/09 DID rotate on home screen, my replacement of 39/09 does not

    Edited to say - I'm a dork - It does rotate when I have the Droid open and the Qwerty keyboard showing -
  14. fumoh

    fumoh Member

    My home screen only rotates once I slide out the keyboard... is this the same as your issue?
  15. ProfessorHM

    ProfessorHM Member

    I have a 40/09 build date and it reset by itself about 5 times since I got it last week. I didn't think it was a big deal as there were people who's droids were resetting like 20 times a day which are obviously defective.

    But what was weird was that my call would consistently get dropped! I came from Tmobile and while it did drop calls, not as much as this. I was getting pretty pissed at getting calls dropped 5 times in a 30min conversation. Droid was showing full bars so I figured maybe its the other phone and not mine.

    And then I lost all my widgets on the homescreen so had to manually restart. I deleted few apps that caused it to restart before but it still had the same problem.

    I found out about the *288 or something to program the cell phone tower locations but that didn't help.

    So I did a hard reset which deletes all user data. A few have complained about no backup software for the droid but you know what, it was painless. All the apps, contact info and calendar information is backed up on google so they were synced immediately once I synced it to my email address.

    Only things you lose are SMS msgs and any app data(high scores etc).

    But now my calls are not dropped, I get more bars at my home, phone generally feels snappier/faster and no restarts yet!

    So for all those who are having slight software issues that doesn't seem to be hardware related(20 restarts a day is what I'd call hardware related, even if not wouldn't chance it) I'd suggest a hard reset and see if it helps.
  16. csreborn

    csreborn Well-Known Member

    My Home button on the bottom of the phone is not as bright as the other three buttons(Back, Menu, Search). Does anyone else have this issue?

  17. btate51

    btate51 Member

    Where do you get the build date?
  18. Hellspawn

    Hellspawn Member

    Its under the battery, you cant miss it.
  19. btate51

    btate51 Member

  20. btate51

    btate51 Member

    I have a 42/09 is that a bad one. I have a few minor issues like Echo back and some keyboard issues. They had put the dark shield on had to take it off for the clear and now I can use the touch screen.
  21. redwing26

    redwing26 Member

    Just got back from Verizon - and I am now on Droid #3 -

    The screen is suppose to turn on Text messages & Web browser (you tube, etc) - Not on contacts or home page -

    But they only way they got this answer was by looking at the display model on the floor - So if the display model did it, then my phone was suppose to do it (I thought that was an awkward way of checking things)

    they did a hard reset on my phone, and it still didn't work, so I am now on Droid #3 -
  22. Timaphillips

    Timaphillips Well-Known Member

    Your volume output from the phone is clipping. Turn it down 1-2 notches and up at the car's stereo and it will go away.
  23. Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Well-Known Member

    +1 I have to do the same with my WinMo phone and my iTouch. I keep the volume no higher than 3/4 when hooked up to the car stereo or Bose
  24. HyperM3

    HyperM3 Well-Known Member

    +1. Battery life is phenomenal as well.

    The only thing Ive noticed which could be a bug or not, is all the apps that I kill in task killer that I never opened. Things like alarm clock, corporate calendar, voice dialer etc. that I never have even opened since getting the phone are always having to be killed.

    Whats the deal with that?
  25. Robobandit

    Robobandit Well-Known Member

    System services.

    Things that are enabled like syncing, etc. rely on certain services to be started.. and rather than just start all of the necessary services at the exact time they are required, they are opened at startup.

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