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Tracking is now removed on IPhone (quickly ReleasedGeneral

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  1. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    Ok Google Android needs a release to disable/turn off location tracking. Apple release IOS 4.3.3 and its been tested to turn it off now. See iOS 4.3.3 Kills iPhone Tracking: Here's Proof | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

    That the real plus with the IPhone. If something really becomes and issue it done straight away and available to all who want to implement the new changes. Mean while with Android it can take years before old releases make it to your phone. That if Google works on it like the did with the Txt messaging bug (goes to the wrong receipent in cases) which know has yet unless you're on Gingerbread. Here is another update which need to be implement for privacy. So when do we get this update now. Google does log your location and processes it without your knowlegde.

    I am going to call Samsung on this.

  2. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    Well I called Samsung and they told be to contact Android on update or patches. You'd thing there were kidding but no. I called telus and basically they provide a service period and the support for the phone is not on their shoulders nor updated. They did indicate that if update information becomes available they do post it on their site for the phone. Well that much is correct since the update to the ancient 2.2 is listed as available there. But all new models should have it built in anyway.

    I checked android site and there are various versions and subversions released but we cannot get them at all. Certainly not through normal updated. It seems hacking and using ODIN is the only way but getting the correct group of files can be a burden with a risk of bricking the phone or crippling some necessary function.

    Getting updates in my opinion is the biggest issue with any Android phone. Why can't be download it from a release site and update the phone without affect the hardware and carrier specific code like Apple does for IPhone. In two weeks or so the get the patch 4.3.3 as with others when necessary. 2.3.x is around for a long time and yet knowhere to be downloaded via oem supported sites. I feel this is all wrong and dispite difference in some issues. The IOS base has Android beat in this manner.

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