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Tracking voicemail caller

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  1. mydroid7

    mydroid7 New Member

    I received a personal insulting voice message. However, no incoming phone number shows up on my phone or on my bill? The time slot for the message delivery does not even come up on my bill. Does anyone have any idea about how to track the phone number that made the call?:confused:

  2. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    I don't know if that information would be on your bill, but if you used Google Voice for voicemail - it should keep track of that sort of stuff. Of course if you switch to Google Voice - this would only apply to future voicemail messages (not ones you have already received before switching to GV).
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  3. wizard7926

    wizard7926 Member

    Can't you press a button to get the phone number/date/time, in the voicemail menu after it plays?

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