~*{TRADE or SALE}*~ 1 Tracfone phone, 4 Metro PCS phones.

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    For Sale or Trade

    Kyocera Melo (Metro PCS)(S1400)
    Kyocera Jax (Virgin Mobile)(Same Model as Melo, S1400)
    Kyocera Domnio (Metro PCS)(S1410)
    Kyocera S4000 (Metro PCS)
    Motorola W376g (Tracfone)

    $5 for Melo, Jax, and Domino. $3 for S4000. $8 for Tracfone. ($0 IF Trading)

    Shipping Included?
    PM me.

    Payment Options
    PM me if Trading. Paypal if buying.

    Melo: Fine, OK button paint chipped, No battery. Jax: Excellent, mint condition. Domino: LIKE NEW, with case. S4000: Water Damage, Back, Left, and OK buttons don't work. W376g: LIKE NEW, SIM ok.

    Extra Included Items
    1 Silicon Case. Fits Melo, Jax, and Domino.

    Looking for a older Android phone to trade. Android 2.1 and up. PM me for Bricks.

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