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Traded Iphone4s for this amaze, and I sir am not.Support

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  1. thebaster

    thebaster New Member

    Yes, I traded my iphone 4s for this phone but because of the camera. and being able to go on a unlimited data plan.

    but I have a couple of beefs with htc this time around, I used to own a incredible s

    the phone is unlocked and s-off according to holding the volume down and power. (no beef there)

    1. The wifi connection is horrible, sometimes it will connect with a full signal, sometimes it will connect with just the dot at the bottom of the bars.
    (max 10ft away from router in an open room) changed encryption and used wifi analyser to find a better channel still same issues, but when it does connect its solid.

    2.The battery life well, its all right, not the best, but it takes FOREVER to charge and once i hit 30% it just dies on me in 10 mins.

    3.i would love to flash it to the mobilicity stock firmware, i seem to be having issues with the apn.(but i dont have a microsd) do you know of a work around?

    4.if i take a picture at night, and use the flash, the camera wont record the photo, just displays black.

    i was kinda hoping i could do like we did in the motorola v3 days and just use our computers to flash the firmware on the phones.

    so the phone is s-off and rooted i guess, is there a custom rom with the stock ics look and feel, with out the use of go launcher.

  2. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Well-Known Member

    1. Its not that bad lol. Once the Wifi Driver Source is released, im sure a dev will find a way to improve it.

    2. This is normal for me too. But it doesnt die in 10 minutes for me. I am running Energy Rom and i usually get 12+ Hours.

    3. If you are on a different carier like Telus or Tmobile and want to go to the Mobilicity Firmware, remember to SuperCID your device ([MOD][S-OFF] SuperCID Your Amaze! - xda-developers)
    Then flash this firmware Dev-Host - OTA_RUBY_ICS_35_S_TELUS_WWE_2.14.661.2-1.41.661.3_release_258801lhwl8053lp8g5hcp.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service (Mobilicity OTA ICS) *Credit to Krook6023

    4. Try the Nighttime Scene Option.
    Or if you want you can try the CameraMOD
    ([MOD] HQ Camera For ICS - v1.5 |1080p@40Mbps|Sense 3.6&4.0| - xda-developers)

    I use 4Ext Recovery and its great.
    [RECOVERY] 4EXT Touch RC5 by MadMaxx82 [06/12/12] - xda-developers

    As for the Stock ICS feel, do you mean stock ICS Sense feel or Stock AOSP feel (Like on the Nexus devices)

    For the stock ICS sense feel the best IMO is EnergyRom Stock Look
    [ROM]|Jun 21| Energy
  3. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of your issues is because the person you bought it from may have uploaded a bad Rom and or it did not load properly. Xx has the right idea with what to do. Personally I don't have enough balls to root even though its almost a one click solution. Only reason I would root would be to completely remove the bloat and get hat stupid htclink crap fixed. Other then that I'm stock and have not been experiencing any of the issues you seem to be having.
  4. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Well-Known Member

    Lmaoo dont be scared to root. Its really easy and i can help you with all the links.
    As for the htclink thing, i actually just deleted htclinkify and it works.
  5. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    Wait ... does this suggest that if I *disable* HTCLINKIFY on my un-rooted phone, the Apple sabotage might be bypassed and my Facebook email links might launch the FB app again? :smokingsomb:
  6. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Well-Known Member

    That is correct. Thats what i did. But i used titanium to delete it because i am rooted.
  7. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    You must be rooted. It does work. I rooted and it was simple. First thing I did was remove that. I am soo happy now.

    If you disable on an unrooted phone it will reinstall itself. I tried
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