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  1. grosser

    grosser Active Member

    I am looking for a traffic reporting app so that when I am on the road, I can report traffic conditions from my phone. There are several available to see traffic conditions, but I can't seem to find any that allow me to report issues.

    Does anyone know of any good apps?

  2. garddog32

    garddog32 Member

    Check out Real Time Traffic. I just downloaded it, so I don't know how good it works... but I do know you can report traffic issues. However, it just reports the traffic to Real Time Traffic's "cloud". I don't think it will report to any other agency.
  3. grosser

    grosser Active Member

    I tried that one in the past. It wasn't very easy to use, and it drained my battery. So I un-installed. I actually found Waze a couple of hours after I posted this. Haven't used it yet so I am not sure how it is going to work. That doesn't report to any other system like google maps, but, it might do the job.

    Thanks for the help though.

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