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  1. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    Okay, I wanted to add a widget to my homescreen. As I scrolling, I came across Traffic in the widget list. Wondering what it was, I put it on one of my homescreens and it's just a traffic light. What is it?!

  2. KompressorV12

    KompressorV12 New Member

    It's a widget associated with google maps. Add it to your homescreen and a settings window for that particular widget will follow. Type in a name for it, as an example 'Home' and an address, '123 Home Ave' and press ok. The widget will now display a picture of a traffic light with a number which is the time from your current location to the destination your entered.. the traffic light color will be either green yellow or red which correlates to traffic conditions (no delays, moderate delays, frequent delays). Sometimes the widget will not have a color but a sync logo instead, this is to save battery life by not updating constantly and when you click it once it refreshes. When you click on the widget it opens up maps and puts the focus of your location on one edge of the screen and that widget's destination on the other and adds the 'Traffic' layer so you can see what the traffic density is visually.

    What I wish the widget did was when you click it the map pinpoints the widget's destination with the blue navigation arrow above it so you can quickly and easily start navigating. This would make it essentially a direct navigation widget which you can add but not with the 'traffic' widget's features. That is my only gripe.
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  3. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    oh right, i see. thanks
  4. feelgood13

    feelgood13 New Member

    I had an Moto Atrix HD and this pre-fill feature you're wishing for actually EXISTED out of the box when I got the phone around SEPT 2012. After some updates to Google Maps, I no longer had pre-filled destination when I click on the Navigation icon. Sadly, I just got a new HTC One and the pre-fill is still missing. Did they remove the feature. Did it break?

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