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trange surf problem

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  1. Wacker

    Wacker New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 3, 2010
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    Hello guys!
    Yesterday, from no where, my web browsers stopped working.

    - I run Villainrom 12.0.0 (Android 2.1)

    At first I though that there was some problem with my APN or
    something, so I try reconnect and also reboot, but still can not
    surf. The strange thing is, I can use Market, listen to netradio etc..

    It's like port 80 has been blocked or something. Because everything
    works, accept surfing in a web browser.

    Can some one have any idea what to do with this problem?
    \\ Wacker

    Edit:Is it any way to check, change or look at the ports that the
    phone is allow to use, or something like that?


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