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Transer old Tracfone number to ZTE ValetSupport

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  1. mustardkev

    mustardkev New Member

    :smokingsomb:I would like to transfer my old Tracfone number and the 200 minutes from my old phone to a ZTE Valet I purchased on ebay that is supposed to come with 600 minutes included. I would imagine I would need to activate the ZTE by transfering my old number first THEN the 200 minutes from old phone THEN add the 600 minutes. Is that the correct procedure?
    Had Tracfone for years and it is a great value BUT its customer service is nearly non existent. I don't want to complicate this and mess everything up making it 10 times harder than it needs to be by not doing the steps in the right order.

  2. pa_cap

    pa_cap Well-Known Member

    The process is right but the order is reversed: you need to activate TracFone's Android phones first. The you can transfer your old number and minutes either via internet or rep (ugh!). You should get 200 minutes each of talk, texts and Mb of data. Good luck!
  3. slk230red

    slk230red Member

    I just did this a few weeks ago. I transferred my old Tracfone number and minutes (2,430) to the new ZTE Valet. I received 2,430 Talk, 2,430 Text, and 2,430 Data. All of this was done in about an hour online.

    Next I purchased a 400 minute year card and received triple, (1,200) added to Talk, Text, and Data.
  4. AKsarben

    AKsarben New Member

    I tried the tranfer online and ended up talking to a Tracfone representative that had to use my new "minutes" card to activate the ZTE Valet and then transfer (Port) over my old number to my new phone. After 2 calls I have to admit, I did get the new phone activated and with my old number. They had to do a bit of manual configuration to get the add on minutes and service date though, but they did it.

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