Transfer a file from an Android to another Android via Wifi as it's done by Bluetooth???

  1. lugopaco

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    Hi!!!! I'm making a schoolar proyect which envolves Android programming. I've already done most of the work but now I need to send one file or a buffered string line from an Android phone to another one via Wifi. I can't use the Bluetooth because it's already used and Wifi is pretty much faster. The phone that will send the data is 2.2 and I can use it as a host (or hope that it could work like that) and the receiver will be a 2.1. Any idea of what can I do or where can I get some info???

    I think that I have to be more especific in my question. The data that I want to send is the "view" of the camera or the instant "videoview", like an Android Webcam. The Bluetooth is very bussy sending insctructions to a little robot and receiving the status also of the bot. So it would be insane to do it as sms.

    I am not really interested in how secure it is (or am I wrong and start to worry about it) cause it will only be what the Android camera see and it is for a school project.


  2. Wormrine

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  3. lugopaco

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    I have been investigating about it and making some tests but I always get some errors. Do you have some samples or where can I read more about it???

    Thank you.
  4. Wormrine

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  5. lugopaco

    lugopaco Active Member

    Wooow! Thanks a lot!!!! I think that I wasn't creating the InPort and the OutPort correctly.
  6. BobPaul

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    Too bad WiFi Direct was never implemented in Android. It is exactly what you are looking for.

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